Preview of The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1

Walking Dead Season 6

Sneak Peak of Season 6 Episode 1

Walking Dead characters


AMC’s The Walking Dead is one the highest rated TV series in the world today. Sunday premieres the 1st episode of Season 6.  The makers of the series have usually kept away from big battles, but by the end of season 5 the viewers got a feeling that there might be a major battle just around the corner.

The opening episode of season 6 will showcase a major battle in which a lot of zombies will be seen their brains blown out. We are sure that the episode will be a treat to watch, as the makers have leaked that in this episode zombies will get killed like no other episode. Double narrations have shown that an elaborate has been laid out to clear zombies.

Like all Zombie movies and shows, there are chances that the survivors will turn to Zombies at any moment. It is a matter of life and death. This kind of transfixed intensity has been going on over a period of several episodes.

Walking Dead characters

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Life after the events of season 5

Season 6 begins after the events of season 5 finale – when Rick executes a member of the Alexandria community who had just killed the husband of the community leader. Ricks group is safe with the Alexandrians, but one of them seems to lose it and Carl has been absent from the episode.

Does Rick’s behaviour justify him being the leader of the group?

As the dead man’s body is disposed of outside the walls of Alexandria at Rick’s instances, people come to term with what has happened. Is Rick’s aggressive, hyper-vigilant approach the only way or is it possible to live by pre-apocalyptic rules? Who gets to lead and how absolute their power should be?

The big, scary moments in “The Walking Dead” up the action, but they also have a practical purpose; they help in weeding out the cast. There is a continuous cast expansion and contraction in the series. This has become a regular feature of the show. The Sunday episode will definitely introduce new dangers to the survivors.

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