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Vijender Singh wins his first outing as a professional boxer

Vijender Singh

Vijender Singh shows his technical superiority over his opponent

Someone was supposed to go through hell after the end of the boxing match, but it wasn’t Indian Boxer Vijender Singh; it was his opponent Sonny Whiting got knocked out of the fight. It is a strange thing since, Whiting had promised to send Vijender Singh ‘through hell’.

It was Vijender Singh’s first professional boxing fight, he was supposed to be nervous, but he wasn’t. He jogged out into the ring, with unparalleled determination. He was criticized by few for ending his India career and turning pro. His opponent had a challenged him and said that Vijender Singh will go, “through hell” before the fight was over. Vijender Singh was determined to prove a point to many.

People questioned his orthodox technique of boxing and the fact that it would not be able to withstand the pressure of pro-boxing. As soon as the bout started, Vijender Singh was clearly a technically more sound boxer of the two. Boxing is seen as a sport which uses upper body strength. This is only natural because all we see in the match is flying punches. But a lot of the action happens down below. Foot movements are essential to land the right combo of punches. The right technique is what separates good boxers from brawlers.

Technical Superiority

Throughout the bout, Vijender Singh had his left foot leading into Whiting. This did two things – firstly Vijender Singh became a small target and secondly he could direct Whiting to whichever area of the ring he wanted. This eventually proved to be a decisive winning factor for Vijender Singh.

Whiting squared-up-stance proved to be his undoing as he became a big target because of which he was constantly on a retreat.  As far as the accuracy was concerned, Vijender again came on top, as he kept behind his left jab and was accurate. On the other hand, Whiting’s technique was not at all good. His punches were inaccurate. He was throwing his punches in one direction and looking in the other direction.

Debut Win

Vijender won his first pro bout with much ease, but from now on, things and fights will only get tougher for him. This time, he took the fight to his opponent but it in the near future he will have to face tougher and more technically sound opponents. He has to train according to that. His next pro boxing match is on October 30.

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