5 TV Shows That Will Make For Good Games

How many times have you wanted to “Play” a T.V show?

We all get sad when we see a season finale, more so if it’s good. We crave some more time in the world our favourite shows creates. A good game based on a T.V show stretches and expands on that experience, making it more tangible and interactable. Not only can we experience the world better, we can add to it. There are T.V shows which could make for some awesome gaming,
like these 5.

House of CardsHouse-of-Cards

Political strategy game: Frank Underwood would make for a compelling protagonist. His ruthlessness, cunning and suave would compliment this game with dark undertones and decision-based gameplay.
A politician plotting through America’s political underbelly, Using both grime and glory to his advantage, Will make this unexplored genre of gaming viral. A game with multiple endings and a public image system based on your actions, Missions that require you to bribe, Influence, manipulate and torture your way to greatness, Choosing the right dialogue for the situation will act like a treadmill for those gray cells. A crisp and dark storyline can be sure be inspired from the show, with strong political, Philosophical and social commentary. The game beginning with frank choosing whether to kill or spare the dog would make for a good trailer.

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Action/adventure game: One season of this show is enough to convince me it would make for a fantastic multiple character game. Pablo Escobar is a bad guy everyone would root for, with his “Silver or Lead” policy for dealing with law enforcement and generally magnanimous lifestyle. While the D.E.A officer would make for interesting contrast. It can be like G.T.A V, Only better because it is based on real life. Missions that have you smuggle cocaine, Deal with law enforcement and other enemies, Make relationships and have sex. All set in the wild sprawling Colombia of the 90’s. Missions that have you run operations from jail and eventually escape it. It could provide two alternative endings with Pablo either getting shot or shooting himself, so everyone can have fulfilment from choosing their version of the controversy. It would make for a lot of fun and make people understand that at the end, Money is no glory.



Investigative R.P.G: Sherlock is already as curiosity-arousing as characters can get, Now add to that being able to use his superhuman senses with a special abilities system. A world seen through your eyes analyzed through his mind. Where thinking like an elementary cabbage head is penalised and thinking like Sherlock is rewarded. Money comes from your blog, cases and random events. A world where you can keep learning more as you explore. This is a world I would like to experience.

Death Note

death-note-14115-2560x1600 (1)

Open world sandbox: I acknowledge that all manga is game worthy, but death note deserves a special mention. It would make for great story development, from high school kid to serial criminal killer. Not to mention a weapon badass like no other, a notebook that allows you to kill people by just writing their name in it. I know what you are thinking, too easy right? Not if a system that needs you to find the true identity of enemies through completing missions is added. With amnesia, International conspiracy and cunning characters, it would have one hell of a storyline. Shinigamis can be used as a finisher move and a lot of weapons can be made. A system rewarding you for kill style like devil may cry will be an added advantage. Light is every bit as daunting as Dante. I would love to join this humanitarian neo-Nazi on his quest to make the world a place with just good people. Realistically that would mean exterminating 95% of it but this is a game, right?

Walking Dead

(L-R) Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies); Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs); Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus); Carol (Melissa Suzanne McBride); T-Dog (Robert 'IronE' Singleton); Beth Greene (Emily Kinney); Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson); Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln); Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan); Glenn (Steven Yeun); The Governor (David Morrissey); Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Andrea (Laurie Holden) - The Walking Dead - Season 3 - Full cast photo - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC

Story based zombie shooter: It could do what resident evil and left 4 dead couldn’t. Make the story as compelling as the gameplay. Zombie shooter gameplay is too linear but not if you make the game out of walking dead. You can add elements of strategy and tactics to taking different kinds of enemies down. Make surviving onslaughts more dynamic than just spamming left click. You could choose factions with advantages and disadvantages of their own. Our main character could be a guy caught in the zombie apocalypse, trying to survive. It could have bosses to kill and allies to recruit. All of which culminates in a full, Final all guns blazing assault on the zombies.

Some experiences we have, some experiences have us. These shows are the latter for me and to see games being made out of it would make me happy, If it isn’t wrecked. I would love to hear your ideas for new games that could be made out of T.V shows, Do leave some in the comments section and if you think someone might have a kickass idea, Please let them know this post exists!

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