The Walking Dead Always Accountable – Episode Review

The Walking Dead Always Accountable

Daryl loses his most prized possession

The latest episode of The Walking Dead Always Accountable has lent the pace to the series, which had slowed down due to last week’s disaster of an episode. But as usual we see bits and pieces of the whole story. This time around it is Daryl, Abraham and Sasha.

What might be irritating for the fans is the fact that the makers have dragged on the fate of Glenn far too long. You can only drag something for so long. Unlike last week where we did not see much of the main characters (Carol, Michonne and Morgan were barely there).

The episode opens with an Ambush. Daryl, Abraham and Sasha are being shot by people and the fringe group gets separated.

Sasha and Abraham take out a few attackers and Daryl manages to escape on his bike, but is wounded. He hides his bike and searches the nearby area. Oh! Sasha and Abraham have something brewing between them.

Daryl loses his crossbow and the bike

In this episode we follow two stories; in one Sasha and Abraham wait for Daryl to come and find them. In the second story, Daryl is taken captive by some people. These people claim to run away from their former group.  Daryl being Daryl helps three of them escape. One of the women is killed by a walker. Daryl offers the other two a place in Alexandria after he figures out that the man and the woman are decent enough folks.

Even though Daryl has offered them a spot in Alexandria, they don’t trust him. He ends up getting his crossbow and bike stolen.

The woman says sorry to Daryl before riding off to this Daryl replies, “You will be”. Fortunately for Daryl, he is not stranded. Following some clues to a fuel truck, he goes back and picks up Abraham and Sasha.

Possible new characters in the series?

Maybe these new people are the new characters in the storyline. So far the season has had mixed reviews. The first three episodes of the season rocked.  But it seemed that in the next few episodes, the writers forgot the art of storytelling. But things have picked up in this episode and it seems that the makers of the show have realised the importance of an engaging storyline.

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