Health benefits of keeping a beard



Beards have captured the imagination of many around the world. Bearded men have an aura of mystery around them. Growing a beard is not easy, as it requires a lot of patience. Most men grow a beard because they think that it makes them look more masculine. There might be some truth in it, but they are also beneficial when it comes to health.

Here we tell you the reasons why beard is good for your health:

Fights against skin cancer: There will be many people who will demotivate you to not grow a beard. But you should keep your beard as it prevents skin cancer. Recent studies have shown that beards are as effective as 95 percent when it comes to blocking UV rays. The thicker the beard, the more protection it will provide you from the harmful UV rays.

Reduce asthma and allergy symptoms: Studies have found out that those who have beard have fewer chances of having asthma or any kind of allergy. Facial hair work as a filter as they prevent any kind of allergens settling down on the face. There have been cases in men, who had asthma or some kind of allergy. When they started keeping facial hair, the asthma attacks and allergy related conditions reduced greatly.

Stay Young: There are many who want to look and stay young. You also might have also noticed that those who keep facial hair have a more youthful look than those who shave regularly. The reason being that because of beard there is less exposure to sun, which in turns helps in keeping youthful looks. Bearded men actually look younger than those who shave. It is sort of a paradox since beard makes you look old, but the skin stays youthful.

You won’t fall ill: This is true especially when it is the winter season. The beard which you have grown over the months will keep you warm and most important of all, it will help you fight the cold. The longer the beard you have the better insulation it will provide.

Fewer infections: One of the best features of having a beard is the fact that you won’t be hounded by bacterial infections, ingrowths, and folliculitis, as all these problems are most of the time the result of regular shaving.

Natural moisturizer:  One of the best things about having a beard is that it acts as a natural moisturizer. Those who regularly shave, have a lot of problems when the season changes. Their skin tends to dry a lot and they tend to apply a lot of moisturizers, which is artificial and is bad for the skin. Products which claim to moisturize the skin usually have adverse effects on the skin on a longer run. Also, our skin has the ability to moisturize itself. The sebaceous glands secrete oil, which moisturizes the skin naturally. If you shave regularly, these glands get damaged by the razor. Keeping a beard helps these glands to function properly and efficiently and help the skin to keep it youthful.

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