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10 Types Of People You Encounter At The Gym

whether you are a gym lover or not, if you hit the gym daily, you will sooner or later meet various kinds of personalities, some of whom you may ignore, but some will definitely catch your attention.

For your amusement, here are the 10 types of personalities you were no doubt encounter during one or another of your work out sessions:

The orgasmic guy


The name says it all – these are the ones who scream a lot at the gym, no matter how heavy (or light) the weights. They scream like girls watching a horror movie. Women in labour seem quieter than these guys! But of course, this is just done to attract attention.

The drenched guy

Meet the wet guy. Whether it’s December or the gym is air conditioned, these guys will always be drenched in sweat, soaking as if they just stepped out of the ocean.

The social butterfly


These sorts enter the gym and the first and the last things they do is meet and greet every single person at the gym. “What’s up buddy?’’ Dude, this is a gym, not a college canteen.

The victim

The most amateur one of the lot, he hurts himself with every single step he takes. Because of that, he needs the elbow strap, wrist bands, waist belts, knee guards and even the helmet! (Okay, maybe not the helmet)

The leg skipper


Don’t laugh. We all know that it is as important as other exercises are, but legs are something that some people just give up on at the first instant of pain. The result? Hello, chicken legs.

The wanderer



These guys will keep roaming the gym as if they have come here to take a stroll. Next time you spot them, show them the way to the car park.

The school boy


We are talking about the guys who have never maintained a notebook during their school days, but note every breath they take at the gym.

The self-gripped


It’s been two months and they have put on 5 kgs – such guys can’t digest their progress and keep checking themselves out in the mirror.

The measurer


These men love to measure every inch of their body part – daily. Someone needs to tell them that biceps take time to grow – understand that and get back to work!


The Hit(ler)


There’s always that body builder who voluntarily helps you through each of your sets and keeps hitting you hard to give you that extra push. Time to make a confession – that hurts.


So which category do you fall in?


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