Sexy girls reduce fat by weight training

Reduce fat by weight training to get a sexy, lean hour glass figure

Deepika Chowdhury winning the ‘Battle on the Beach’, 2014.

Reduce fat by weight training to get a sexy, lean hour glass figure

Gone are the days when you lean out like a stick, look pale and become anorexic to be size zero or fit into an image wrongly portrayed as sexy. Now is the time when the fitness world is taking over. Strong is the new sexy. So what should a woman do to achieve a figure that is curvy like an hour glass, is lean and hard and sexy? The answer is WEIGHT TRAINING!

A great body is achieved with a well balanced diet which has

  • Enough protein
  • Optimum carbohydrates
  • Healthy fat
  • Fibrous food
  • Excellent hydration throughout the day
  • Well balanced weight training and cardio plan

Cardio alone won’t give you a toned figure

“Fat doesn’t have any shape but muscle does.”

When you say you wish to have a “toned” body you are actually wishing to have some muscle mass. Why? Fat doesn’t have any shape but muscle does. So you need to reduce fat percentage in your body. But how? Spending hours in the gym doing cardio will not reduce fat in the desired way to give you that toned look. Excessive cardio will burn your muscle mass and you become nothing else but a small fat version of yourself and not toned at all. The toned arms, back, legs, abs and butt are possible with gain in muscle mass. How do you gain that muscle mass and yet reduce fat from your body?

Reduce fat

Figure athlete Deepika Chowdhury

“Excessive cardio will burn your muscle mass and you become nothing else but a small fat version of yourself and not toned at all.”

Weight training is better for burning fat

When your goal is to reduce fat, weight training is much more efficient in doing so than cardio. When you lift weights and by lifting weights I mean when you take it seriously and lift heavy to best of your potential, you break your muscle fibers. Now, your body spends loads of calories to repair these fibres and make them stronger than before. So your metabolism is operating at a faster level even while you are sitting or sleeping and all this for 48 hours after your weight training session!

When you do cardio, you burn calories only for the amount of time you do cardio and if it exceeds you waste your precious muscle mass. Weight training doesn’t just accelerates the rate at which you reduce fat process but is also beneficial in improving bone health, hormonal imbalances, cardiac health and the overall metabolism. You start feeling happier and confident with improving strength and body composition. 

The myth about women and weight training

A lot of women fear weight training because they believe in the myth that weight training makes women bulky and muscular like a man! That is not true. This is impossible given the kind of biochemistry, physiology and hormonal makeup that we female humans have. Regardless of how heavy the weights you lift, how often you train and how much protein you eat, you will still not look like a man.

I wish to convey the fact that women who desire a beautiful athletic physique should start taking weight training seriously. In the coming articles we will address several myths associated with weight training, protein intake and much more. For now, get off that couch get into your gym wear, pull up your socks, tighten your shoes and hit the gym to pump some iron. Reveal the strong and beautiful woman inside you. Be fearless and do the right things for the right reasons… Stay tuned for my next article!

About Deepika

Deepika Chowdhury is India’s first figure athlete. She is a member of Team Bombshell Fitness (USA) and a K11 Fitness Academy Certified Personal trainer and Sports Nutritionist.

  • Weight : 50 kgs
  • Waist : 22 inches
  • Bench-press : 55 kgs
  • Squat : 103 kgs
  • Deadlift : 115 kgs

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