India’s first fitness and figure athlete

The fit and fab Deepika

Fitness: India's fiorst figure athlete Deepika Chowdhury

Photo courtesy: Vikram Bawa

Deepika Chowdhury is India’s first figure athlete and pioneer of female fitness. In her very first competition, Battle on the Beach, one of America’s premier fitness competitions for women, she won in the both the Figure Novice category and the Open Class B categories. Deepika shares her pioneering journey with Team Abraxas.


  • Height = 5’4
  • Competition weight = 53 Kg
  • Off-Season weight = 56 Kg
  • Body fat mass in Competition = 9%
  • Body fat mass in Off-season = 23%
Q1. What do you have to say about the current state of female fitness in India?

In India female fitness is still picking up. Competitions have come up recently, but basic formalities and a standard format for these competitions are non-existent. The format should of international standards in order to shape it like a sport rather than a crowd entertainment. The audience should show respect for the hard work that these women have put in to achieve competitive body aesthetics.

Fitness: India's fiorst figure athlete Deepika Chowdhury

Deepika during her win at the Battle On The Beach, March 2014.

Q2. How did your fitness journey begin?

There were so many different exercises and machines that I became curious to find out what each of them does and means. With that I did a Personal Training Course and subsequently a Sports Nutrition Course from the K11 Fitness Academy, Pune.

Q3. How did your family react to your decision to become a figure athlete?

My in-laws don’t know about my achievements at all. In spite of living with them, it will be extremely hard to explain things to them and make them understand.

Q4. Tell us about your diet plan

Diet is everything and one has to be disciplined about his/her diet. My coach keeps changing my diet depending on the fitness calendar. During off season (April to August) I weigh about 55 Kg. My diet plan allows me to put on weight with quality muscle gains. I consume six small meals a day. Once a week, I indulge myself in a “cheat” meal. During on-season when most of the competitions take place, I cut down body fat to achieve a lean figure to obtain the depth and details of muscle definition.

Fitness: India's fiorst figure athlete Deepika Chowdhury

Photo courtesy: Vikram Bawa

Q5. How do you relax your muscles form the fatigue due to workout?

I take a Deep Tissue massage every week which is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains. I use foam rollers every day to ensure release of tightness in the muscles. Also doing stretches before and after my daily workout is essential. Once a week I take Epsom Salt bath in which you dissolve the salts in water and then soak your body in it for a good five to 10 minutes.

Q6. How do you balance you job as a biologist with your passion for fitness?

The hardest part has been getting leave from my job since visits to the US do require a minimum of around 10 days. Apart from that I have been able to balance out my working hours with my daily workout.

Q7. What are your upcoming competitions and events?

Yes there is one happening in October in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I will be appearing in the Figure category.


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