Designer Lalit Dalmia – How to rock evening gowns

Make a fashion statement with the right evening gown for your body type

Women’s fashion, from the time of the Greeks, full length gowns or maxi dresses have been the garment of choice for women when they want to make an imperial statement. Whether it’s the ancient flowing draped silhouettes or the modern figure hugging styles, gowns can take a woman from simple to dramatic in minutes.

Style 1: Iconic look

The gown should speak for itself keeping everything else minimal. Ideally a full-length gown, should have just the embellishment and maximum styling in it. For a spectacular gown the drapes should be very fresh and creative.

Fashion: Evening gowns by Lalit Dalmia

Evening gowns by Lalit Dalmia

Accessories play an important role in styling in the look you wish to project. If the drape of the gown is very simple and classic and the colour is solid, then you can use accessories sparingly to add some glamour to the final look. However if the gown is heavily embellished it would be better to not have accessories at all. Gowns for wedding ceremonies, should display a style that has a lot of body and decorative detailing.

Style 2: Pre-wedding  look

Pick a beautifully embroidered gown with a heavy bouncy skirt. You can opt for a gown in lace fabrics with pearls or Swarowski and/or with hand embroideries to give a beautiful effect.

Fashion: Evening gowns by Lalit Dalmia

Evening gowns by Lalit Dalmia

Style 3: Cocktail look

For cocktails- look for a more stylistic gown with a more western look. Off shoulder, deep cuts and high slits give gowns a more contemporary look.

Right gown for your body type

On tall lean bodies, more body hugging, flared, bouncy gowns make for a stunning look. Tall women look fabulous in gowns with long trails. Heavier physiques should go for a straight gown with simple embellishments rather than an over busy style.

So go ahead, pick your gown, and make a fashion statement …!


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