Reptilia Presents Its Décor Collection

Freaks of Nature

This decor collection invites the audience to get in sync with their fetishes instead of shying away from them – be it however perverse or unimaginable. Love can take many freaky forms. It’s one thing when a man and a woman are passionately in love. It’s quite natural and complies with the norms of our society.

But what are we supposed to think of those who write love poems to women’s pointed heels – those who get sexually aroused by fog – those who have a fetish for men who have comitted cruel or outrageous crimes? It turns out that there is a special classification for these freaks of nature.

Let society not bind us. Celebrate what you love by decorating your home with it. Presenting a range of ‘phillia’ cushions, trays, coasters, utility boxes, art and much more…collection


Spectrophile (n) :

A person who has a sexual attraction towards ghosts.collection

Arctophile (n) :

A person who is very fond of teddy bears and loves collecting them.collection

Siderodromophile (n) :

A person who loves road and rail travel. In Sir Richard Burton’s words, “The gladdest moment in human life, is the departure into unknown lands.”collection

Nebulophile (n) :

A person who gets sexually aroused by fog. Ever felt super turned on by the fog? Fog is sexy we agree, the way it moves calmly, often reminding us of the world not being black and white.collection

Autophile (n) :

A person who loves being alone, living alone and blooming alone. In Aristotle’s words, “Whoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or god.”collection

Hybristophile (n) :

A person, more likely a woman, who has a fetish for men who have comitted cruel or outrageous crimes such as rape, murder or armed robbery. Woahh! Really, women?collection

Stigmatophile (n) :

A person obsessed with tattoos, body piercings and branding, to the extent that it sexually arouses them.



Make-up &Hair:


About the Designer

Salil is a graduate of National Institute of Fashion Technology. One of the prime rising stars of Kitch and Punk Fashion, Salil loves to ‘explore the unexplored’ – Creating immense drama with his collection while painting his fantasies to life.collection

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