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The Walking Dead

Will we see Glenn again in the series?

The Walking Dead Season 6


The last episode of The Walking Dead Season 6 had sent shockwaves throughout the fanbase of the series. One of the favourite characters in the show; Glenn Rhee was killed in the episode (at least that is what we are made to believe). The kind of reaction his unexpected death generated was almost the same as Jon Snow’s death in Game of Thrones.
In episode 4, which is titled “Here’s not Here”, there is a high possibility that there will be a new character and also the setting will be new.
Meanwhile, the distressing events of the last episode, especially the tragic death of fan favourite Glenn Rhee has definitely taken a toll on the fans. The inhabitants of Alexandria are now clueless. The attack by the wolves has forced them into re-thinking their strategy. People are clueless as to what might have happened to Glenn.

The Walking Dead Season 6


Trust issue in Alexandria

Now more than ever, trust will be a major issue in Alexandria. What can be seen in this season is the evolution of the inhabitants of Alexandria. They are slowly realizing that in order to survive the apocalyptic world, they need to be tough and need to do things that might seem harsh or inhuman, but will help them survive the Zombie apocalypse.
The arrival of Rick and company brought that transition to a head, as the crew battled the Walkers and the vicious wolves to defend the town.

Greg Nicotero talked about Glen’s fate with TV Guide. The EP did say he could give fans a little hope, but he did not say that Glenn was alive.
“I think we will see Glenn again this season, but in what capacity, we do not know,” Nicotero told TV Guide. “It’s great that there’s a lot of debate about it, and that shows the passion of the fans. And six seasons in, this storyline just shows that we’re really committed to not pulling punches and telling a story that we feel that the audience will respond to. It’s not always going to be a happy ending, especially in our world.”

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