Ice-Buckets and shoes in Bigg Boss 9

Bigg Boss 9

Bigg Boss 9 just gets weirder by each passing episode

As the days progress, Bigg Boss 9 gets weirder. On Thursday’s episode, the makers of Bigg Boss 9 came up with another wild task, wherein a baby was placed inside a cradle in the activity area of the house.

The current captain Prince was then asked to choose one contestant for each part of the task. Mandana was again in the spotlight as the threshold of her pain was tested as Prince hit her chin with the elastic band of a birthday hat that she was made to wear.

In the other part of the task, Digangana is made to face bucket-full of ice being poured on her head. The catch is that the contestants have to go through all the tasks without making any noise, shout or speak. The deal was to not wake up the baby. The housemates could only talk once the activity was over.

In the second task, Yuvika had to shave Suyyash’s legs. In the third task, Keith was asked to sit in the squats position in front of a large wheel while the other contestant will turned the wheel which had shoes attached to it. In the process, the shoes hit Keith on the back. As a part of the task, Rochelle and Vikas are asked to place their faces on a tennis table even as a small girl plays on it with a few balls.

Meanwhile, Rimi seems to be opening up a bit. She tells Mandana and Yuvika that she has had only one relationship in her life. Rimi further adds that she is not thinking about her love life. Suyyash declares that Rimi is certainly going to win the game.


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