The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 5 review ‘Now’

The Walking Dead

Alexandrians come to terms with the world around them

Episode 5 of The Walking dead is another episode where there is more talk and less action. It was again a very dry episode in terms of excitement. At least in episode 4 we came to know how Morgan came to be a peaceful man.

Episode 6 has a number of instances that show the plight of the Alexandrians and a few of Rick’s group. Episode 6 brings the Alexandrians to the brink of destruction as thousands of walkers have arrived on the walls of Alexandria. For all the Alexandrians, it is a situation which they have never experienced before. All of this is beyond their survival skills.

Michonne also delivers the news that Glenn is lost and no one has any idea what has happened to him. The last time we saw Rick was when his RV was surrounded by Walkers and were left wondering as to how he will escape the possible death trap. But somehow he manages to escape and is seen running and screaming down the road with a massive herd of walkers behind him.

Maggie tries to find Glenn – Walking dead 

Meanwhile, Maggie is trying to come with terms about Glenn’s death. She is dejected and wandering through a sewer of waterlogged walkers and broken dreams, collapsed into an emotional heap of Glenn-grief, self-recrimination and anguished uncertainty. She nearly gets herself and Aaron killed in that tunnel, it also happens to be one of the few truly frightening moments of the episode.

Deanna is also very dejected, as to what has happened to Alexandria. It was her dream to make things normal as before, but clearly things went south as far as those dreams were concerned. She is a grief-stricken that she again starts drawing plans to re-build Alexandria.

Aaron a rare Alexandrian 

Aaron also blames himself for the Wolves’ attack on Alexandria (Remember he leaves his backpack behind?). He might blame himself, but he is one those few Alexandrians who can fight. He also brought in Rick’s group into the community. If it hadn’t been for them, the Alexandrians would probably be dead by now. Also, the walkers or the wolves would have eventually stumbled across Alexandria, so Aaron should take it easy.



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