Sizzling Hot American Kudi – Tania Mehra

Sizzling Hot American Kudi Tania Mehra

Philadelphia born Tania Mehra’s strikingly exotic beauty is enough to paralyse any man at first glance. Once you get to know her, you realise that the most beautiful thing about the 5’10 inches tall stunner is her heart. Rising from humbling beginnings, a near fatal car accident in 1998 forever changed the way she viewed the world and the value of life. She became more aware of the importance of the choices she would make, the morals she would believe in and the voice that she had.  Believing that it wasn’t her time to leave this Earth, she felt that her existence was imperative in being the change she wished to see in this world. A belief directly derived from one of Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quotes in regards to change.

Tania Mehra

Tania Mehra attended the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee because of its acclaimed Pre-veterinary Programme where she also minored in Forensic Psychology.  After one year, she was transferred to Cal State Northridge (CSUN) where she went on to receive a Bachelors in Biology. She also has an Associate’s degree in Arts and Science, which for Tania Mehra was a huge accomplishment.  While trying to make ends meet as a college student, she embarked upon the world of modelling where she successfully booked jobs all over the world. These experiences enriched her life, leaving her well-travelled and exposed to various cultures.  She has walked runways and graced the pages of some of the world’s ace fashion publications. Playing dress up for designers is one of the most exhilarating aspects of the industry and that’s when Tania Mehra gets to “live fashion”. In her everyday life her idea of fashion is comfort. “Throw on what makes you feel sexy and fabulous”. She loves being a model because it allows her to channel her acting skills. It is all interrelated.

In 2011 she was Miss India Asia USA where she was honoured to be representing India in the Miss Asia USA Cultural pageant. She has been on a billboard in Times Square, New York and has appeared on several reality television shows on networks including VH1, Bravo, E! as well as Oxygen. Her latest project is a web series called Fraternity of Blood, where she will play Wilhelmina – the daughter of an English vampire hunter and his beautiful Indian wife. It’s moments like these that inspired Tania to write.  Her poetry has been published in the International Poetry Societies Publications.

Tania Mehra hot pics

She also plans on publishing a poetry book of her own in the near future in between a career as an actress and model as well as a nurse in the medical field. With dreams of becoming a wife and mother, Tania hopes to be a strong powerful voice for not only her children but for the world. Always having a philanthropic attitude, she has been a firm believer and supporter of non-profit organisations. What began as a pastime would soon become Tania’s purpose in life. “I refuse to die an insignificant human being who just existed and took up space in this world” she says. Her crusades range from animal rights activism (PETA) and feeding the homeless to aiding in helping woman and children who are forced into sexual slavery (Lotus Outreach). In her free time she enjoys reading books on self-improvement, cooking and spending time with her family. She best describes herself as loyal, compassionate and strong-willed – qualities similarly found in Indian women. Tania is proud to be a descendant of people who strive to be at peace with themselves regardless of their surroundings.  These are people who connect their mind, body and spirit while striving to continue traditions generation after generation. Having traditions gives Tania a sense of belonging and definition in her American society.

Sizzling Hot Tania Mehra

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