How to Make Her Go Crazy: Sex Tips



For some, taking a woman to the bed might not be that difficult, as satisfying her on it. A lot of men end up not satisfying their partner. They either jump in too quickly into the situation or don’t know the ‘spots’. We are here to help you out to make your ladylove reach the peak of her excitement and pleasure

Here we list a few tips on how to be great in bed :


Take it easy on the breast:

One of the first things to happen, when a guy is aroused is to caress the breast. Don’t go all wild on the breasts, you will get plenty of opportunities to play with them later on, but initially you should take it easy. Caressing them and taking it easy should be the right way to go about it. Nipple is a sensitive area just like the clitoris, hence things should be taken easy.

Give attention to her:

Don’t act like a sex god, it is the biggest mistake you can do. Instead give attention to her. Do things which get her aroused and not you. Some of the best men in bed are the ones who pay attention to their partners. Learn to cherish your partner’s body and enjoy every part of it. Compliment on her looks. It is a fact that when women are comfortable with their bodies and looks, they enjoy sex a lot more.


Your build up to sex should be great. One mistake which most of the men commit is lack of any build up. A great build up doesn’t always mean a great foreplay. It is the activity before it. Touch her and arouse here, before you head towards that area. A build up is really important even before the foreplay. Arouse her before it as much as you can, the reason being she will be more sensitive when aroused. It is a fact that when people are aroused the body changes the way you experience the touch.


Be careful before you bite.Don’t do the mistake of biting her before she is aroused. Before you start biting your partner, make sure she is aroused properly. Agreed, that women prefer men who are a bit aggressive on the bed, but if you go biting before she is aroused, she might get a bit creeped out. A bit of over enthusiasm can definitely ruin your evening.

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