Sex Tips to go Kinky with your Guy

Sex tips to go kinky with your guy

Effective ways to seduce your partner

It is a general notion that seducing a man is relatively easy, but there are few extra pointers you should know, just to spice up your sex life, after all some extra points can harm no one.

Exhibit: Men love to see, so it is high time you exploit their weakness to have some fun in the bed. You can perhaps show a glimpse of what you are wearing inside, when he least expects it or wear something suggestive. One of the best places to do this is a classy restaurant. It will surprise your partner to no end and the only thing he will want at the end of the dinner will be you. So go ahead do it, but discreetly.

Write notes: There are many women out there who cannot talk dirty even to their own partners, this point is for them. Write something suggestive on a piece of paper and leave it where he can find it. You can even write on the mirror of your wash basin, just after your bath with hot water, and since it won’t remain there for much longer, it will turn him on more.

Whisper it in his ear: Whisper in your partner’s ears something about praising his skills in the bed and do it at a time when he least expects it. This will turn him on like crazy and you might end up getting what you want.

Flirt: when you go out, flirt around with someone a bit. This might just set things up for the night. Seeing your willingness to do it, will get you right where you want to be.

The naked woman: In the famous American Sitcom How I Met your Mother there was an episode called the Naked Man, where if a guy wants to have sex with the woman, all he has to do is to undress in front of her. What you can do is to become the Naked Woman. Nothing will arouse or surprise your partner more than that.





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