5 Reasons To Have Sex Daily

Benefits of Regular Sex


Many people have the misconception regarding sex. They think that it is mean only for pleasure, but they are wrong. Having sexual intercourse on a daily basis is not only meant for pleasure, it also has many health benefits. Sex helps in sleeping well, relieve stress and of course burn calories. There are several reasons that why should do it daily.

Down below we mention a few:

Increases Immunity


Daily intercourse increases the level of antibodies which boost the immunity of a person; reason being that it results in the release of immunoglobulin, which results in making the body more strong, especially against diseases like common cold and fever.

Healthy Heart


Since sex helps to burn calories, it also improves the condition of your heart. This factor greatly reduces the stress on the heart and also reduces the chances of a heart attack or a stroke. Studies have also shown that if men engage in sexual activities on a daily basis, the condition of their hearts improve by 45%.

Helps develop strong pelvic muscles


Having sexual intercourse daily can help to develop stronger pelvic muscles. It is a great form of exercise. It also helps in strengthening of quads core and the upper part of your body. Studies have also found out that people who are sexually active, have a much better bowel movement and a stronger bladder.

Stress Buster


Sex is perhaps the best stress buster which is readily available. Having coitus on a regular basis has the same soothing effects of sweet food. This occurs due to the pleasure pathways which are triggered while the act is going on, and also the effects are there for a longer period.

Glowing Skin


It is a known fact that after intercourse, people glow, and if you do it on a daily basis, then the glow will be permanent. This probably occurs because of  many reasons. A combination of stress relief, better mood and the flush of blood under the skin due to intercourse can have an everlasting effect on your skin

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