Relationship Tips For Women

Relationship Tips For Women

Six Rules That Men Follow

There are many times that women think that men don’t understand women, but the problem does lie with men, it is the way women convey their messages or feelings that are not clear at all. And this opacity, the vagueness of the hints and feelings which women keep dropping, often does more harm than good. Women might be the weaker sex, but they are also vague, and most of the times men fail to understand them.

Here are some relationship tips, that men follow, and if women need to get there point across, they should know about these rules

Men are not mind readers: If you have a problem, then tell them about it, don’t beat around the bush and, tell them the exact problem right away. It will help save time and also coming straight to the point is the best thing.

Be clear on what you want: If you want anything, just say it. Dropping hints like a wet puppy does not work. Even Strong hints do not work. Remember any kind of hint does not work.

If something is wrong, then say it: If you are asked that if something is wrong, then say it. If you say nothing is wrong then men will act as if nothing is wrong. They know that you might be lying, but then it is not worth the hassle.

Ask a question, you want an answer to: If you ask a question of which you don’t want the answer to, then expect an answer you don’t want to hear.

Sympathy no, Empathy yes: If you want a problem to be solved, then go to your man, and if you want some sympathy, then you have your girlfriends to go to.

Interpretation: If something men say can be interpreted in two ways and you get angry because of one, then it usually mean the other one which they actually mean.

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