The Perks Of Having A BFF Of The Opposite Gender

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Sometimes it feels great to have a friend who totally understands you and knows you inside out. All of us have that one special friend who we refer to as the BFF! Someone very special out of the big group of friends you have. Someone you consider a best friend forever. Someone you hate at times, but love even more. And many times this best friend is from the opposite gender. It holds true for me too. My best friend is a guy. And I am glad I have him. I cannot imagine my life without him. He is one of the best people in my life. He is a family to me.


I got talking to a few youngsters about their opposite gender bestie, and they have so much to say about them. For girls, having a male BFF is a lot less drama. Girl best friends are always hyperactive and overexcited. So having a guy best friend is a welcome change. “It is way easier to connect to someone from the opposite gender,” says RachealD’souza.

Having a guy best friend means it have a protective shield all the time – be physically or emotionally. He wouldn’t let anyone hurt you, and even if anyone does he knows how to take care of that. That is what my BFF does all the time.

Men listen. Women talk too much. Talking to your best friend is sometimes all the therapy you need. “I prefer a guy best friend since it is very difficult to connect to women. They have so much to say and never listen. Whereas a guy best friend lends you a listening ear just when you need it and that’s enough to make you feel better,” says ApramitaDeshpande.

Women BFFs are more understanding. “There are certain things I can never expect my male best friends to understand. All they think about is having fun. So even if you try talking to them about something that is troubling you, they will either make fun of you or get you drunk to make you forget the problem. But a girl bestie is very understanding and knows how to handle you,” says PranayPurohit. Kai Dcosta is of the similar opinion. “A girl BFF is very understanding and lends a listening ear every time you need it,” he says.

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You can be yourself with a BFF of the opposite gender. There is no need to pretend to be something you are not, since they readily accept you just the way you are. “A guy best friend won’t judge you for anything. You can talk to them about anything and it won’t sound weird. You don’t have to dress to impress either,” says Diana D’souza.

The opposite gender BFF always has a better perspective about your problems and knows how to sort it out. “They have a complete different perspective of the situations you face on a daily basis. Not that having a best friend of the same gender is bad but it’s always good to confide in someone of the opposite gender to have better opinions and suggestions about your life. Whether it’s your social, professional or love life, they can be of very good support,” confesses Racheal.

Having an opposite gender bestie means you have someone to talk to all the time. “I can talk to my girl best friend about anything at any time of the day. I know that she will be there for me no matter what. I can share things with her that I wouldn’t even share with my family or lover. She makes life so much easier,” says Sandesh Gomes.

Everything that you guys do together is special. You might do the simplest of the things together, but they magically turn out to be more interesting when your BFF is around. “I went on long trips with my bestie. She was a very good driver and we always had a good time. Even simple dinner outings turned out to be so much better when she was with me,” says Milroy Goes.

The opposite gender bestie will be concerned about your relationships and heartbreaks. Every time you have a crush on someone, you fall in love, start dating or get your heart broken; your best friend is the first person you inform. They are always updated about your love life and they know exactly how to handle you during the best and the worst days. They become the listening ear when you have so much to share, they guide you on how to make your partner happy, they go shopping with you and pick up things that they know will make your partner happy and at the end, they become the shoulder you cry on after the heartbreak.

The bestie becomes your support system. Even though they know you are wrong, they will second you and save you from a lot of embarrassment and punishment. And scold you later for getting into problems all the time.  “The best thing about having a friend from the opposite gender is they support you. They totally understand you and it is easy to have an open discussion,” says AlsafaGazi.

You will never be lonely when you have an opposite gender best friend. There is always so much to do. They never leave you alone. Every time you are down and crave ice cream, you can be assured that they will land at your doorstep with a tub of your favourite flavour. Don’t have a date to go to the most happening party in town? They will tag along!

Also, having an opposite gender bestie means experimenting with a lot of things you wouldn’t do with other best friends. Riding his bike and driving his car, taking her shopping and joining her during her beauty parlour appointments, watching action movies and going off-roading with him, helping her decide what to wear, helping him decide what to buy his new girlfriend, going to a romantic movie with her, watching a football match with him, telling her how to make her boyfriend happy, helping him plan the perfect date that’ll sweep his girl off her feet, consoling him when he is down and cheering her up when she is.

You two might fight all the time, but you know you are meant for each other. You know that you wouldn’t find anyone better. You know he/she makes you happy. You two are perfect together. You are beyond friends, you are soulmates!

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