Tips to prevent Dengue


Keep your house mosquito free by these simple tricks.

With dengue cases in a rise in Delhi, it is high time that the residents start taking precautions against the deadly disease. With over 1,900 in the last 10 days, the total number of people who have been suffering from this disease is 3,791. There has been a sudden surge in dengue cases in September. Stagnant water is the most common breeding ground for mosquitoes. Hence, it is important to implement a few hygiene and sanitation measures to prevent the disease.



Here we are going to give you tips that will help in the prevention of dengue.

Turn over the buckets – One should turn over the pails and buckets so that they do not collect excess water which might lead to mosquitoes breeding in it. In case the water cannot be emptied, then you should at least cover it.

Clean the flower pots – It is essential that you do not over water your flower pot, as it might lead to stagnation of water and in turn a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Mosquito repellent – The best way to prevent dengue is to apply mosquito repellent on all the exposed parts of the body. Apply it during the day and as-well-ass at night.

Window screens – Make sure that your windows have screens on them and check them for any holes or openings through which the mosquitoes can enter.

Remove the water from the cooler – One of the primary reasons why there are many dengue cases in Delhi, is because a lot of the habitants use the water cooler. They keep using the same water again and again. The stagnant water can easily become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. So always remember to empty and clean your cooler.

Dustbin – Always remember to cover the trash can or the dustbin, when not in use.


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Tulsi – Another natural way to keep the mosquitoes at bay is by planting tulsi at your home. Plant them near the windows. The plant has natural properties that keep the mosquitoes away.

Camphor – Another easy way to keep the mosquitoes away is by lighting the camphor. Light camphor and keep it inside the room for about 15-20 minutes and close the room.

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