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Sometimes a relationship between couple seems to be an effortless affair. There will be conversations which won’t require much thought, secrets will be shared between the two and most importantly there will be a kind of certainty of togetherness for a long time. But a lot of times it happens that although the relationship has been going on for some time, there is lack of intimacy between the two.

Here we bring you a list of ways through which couples can have a more intimate relationship

Nostalgia:  Nostalgia is one of the strongest feelings humans get hence, it is important to get nostalgic. Remember a memory from the time when you first met. Try and share memories of those first few days. Visit old places where you have gone together when you had just met.

Flirt: Yes you read that correctly. It is a known fact that as the years pass, couples tend see each other more as friends; hence, it is important to flirt with your partner. Compliment your partner on his/her looks. Flirting will remind your partner about the sexual connection in your relationship and increase the intimacy between the two.

Not all about sex: Having an intimate relationship does not always mean that the relationship is sexual. If your partner thinks that your affection is an excuse to have sex, then there is a high possibility that the relationship won’t work.

Be a realist: Try not to compare your relationship to other relationships. One the worst thing to do in a relationship is to compare your relationship to someone else’s. This will lead to dissatisfaction in the relationship and at a later stage the couple might break-up.

Pay attention: This one is for guys. If you want to be physically and emotionally intimate with your partner, then the first thing to do is to pay attention to what the other is saying. Learn to focus on only your partner when she is saying something, it will help you understand her better.

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