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It is usually said that reading a girl’s mind or understanding a woman is very difficult and that they don’t really tell anyone about their feelings, this is also the truth in the case of men. We might think that men are straight forward and that they don’t hide anything, this might be just the opposite. There are a number of things which men don’t tell to their partners. Here is a list of things that men won’t tell you to do them, but if you do them, things might just get going for you.

Things guys want their partners to leave at their places

Your underwear: If you are really interested in the guy for other things, leaving your underwear in is room/flat is one the classic moves. This is a sure shot sign that you want to get back to his apartment. It is nice to leave your underwear in his room, because that means that you guys will definitely see each other again.

Toothbrush or makeup kit: Leaving your toothbrush or your make-up kit is a definite sign that things are getting serious between the two of you. This also means that you will be sleeping at his place a lot, which in turn means a lot of sex, which is also a plus point.

Book: Another thing which you can leave at your partner’s place is the book that you are currently reading. Both of you can also read the book together and maybe discuss a few aspects of the book, next time you are out on a dinner or something. This will also help you to avoid that awkward silence which can take place between a couple.
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Your scent: One of the best things you can leave behind in your partner’s place is your scent. Nothing else will make him long for you than your scent. It will be like a constant reminder of your presence. It is a known fact that men love the smell of their partners.

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