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Ever since the trailer of walking dead was released, there have been a number of predictions for the season which have been doing rounds. There have been theories about Rick and Morgan that have been doing rounds since the time Morgan showed up at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. And if we go according to the spoilers then the chances are that Rick and Morgan might just have a face-off.

Walking Dead

According to the trailer, season 6 will start where season 5 ended; with Morgan showing up. The people of Alexandria start to question and turn on Rick. Even Daryl seems to turn on him. Although, Rick thinks that he is doing the right thing by not taking any chances. This he tells to Morgan.

In the meantime more and more people are dying and bodies start piling up. According to the predictions pretty soon there is going to be a mutiny and there is a possibility that the Alexandria safe zone will be divided.

As far as the other characters are concerned Glenn and Maggie seem to struggle in their trailer. Glenn is trying to save as much of the previous world as much. Both of them are trying to keep each other grounded and trying to preserve even the slightest semblance of humanity for the new world in which they have to live together.

Walking Dead season 6

Walking Dead season 6

So what else is going to happen in season 6 of TWD? For starters, it seems that there will be a lot more walkers in this season. It is also speculated that the premier of season 6 will have more walkers than any other episodes in the series; this is clear indications of things to come.

Then there are still wolves who will definitely play an important part in the series. There is not much sign of them in the trailer, but fans believe that they have an important part to play in the season.

Walking Dead season 6 predictions

Another major character who can possibly die is Daryl. At the end of the trailer we see that Daryl is tied up with a gun to his head, it seems that he might just escape. But there have been predictions that Daryl might die in season 6 of Walking Dead.

So finally what will happen in season 6 will only be unveiled once the season is out?

Video: Youtube Season 6 trailer of The Walking Dead

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