How to prepare for a half marathon


With the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon just a couple months away, if you are planning to take part in it then this is the right time to start training. Although, running a half marathon is relatively easy than a full marathon, but it still takes out a lot out of a body, hence it is important to train for it adequately.

Here we are going to tell you about a handful of important tips which will help you to train for your half-marathon.

Know your limits – Before starting your training, it is really important to know your limitations. The idea is to improve on your limitations and move forward. Most of the beginners make the fatal mistake of exerting themselves too much, which results in injuries. Also, they are not able to perform up to their optimum level. Build your endurance and ability gradually, and be ready for the final day.

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Start well before hand –  Preparing for a half-marathon can take several weeks, so make sure you start training much before the actual race, so that your body is ready and does not break down completely after the race. If you are a beginner plan to train for 20 weeks, if an intermediate then train for around 16 weeks and if you are a pro then train for 12 weeks. This will help your body get accustomed to long running.

Map a training plan – Making a training plan is really important, not only it prepares you for the marathon, but it also keeps you motivated. Keep a track of your each and every workout. Make notes and try to figure out that what needs to be done to improve.

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Mix training – In order to squeeze the maximum benefit and to improve considerably, remember to do easy and long runs with cross-training. Easy runs are those runs, which you run in between longer runs, they are recovery runs and can fall between anything from 4 and 8 km long. Long runs are those runs that are greater in the distance you do them only once a week and the longest run will be the race itself. Cross training will help to strengthen your overall body.

Training Plan should fit the life schedule – The main problem what people face is trying to fit the training schedule in their daily routine. The training itself is not that much of a problem as much as fitting the schedule in the daily routine.  People tend to give up when their schedule clashes with their daily routine.

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Eat healthy meals – What you eat before the race and during your training matters a lot. Essential nutrients will help you keep your body in shape. Remember to include a lot of carbs in your diet a week before the marathon in order to prepare your body for the physical challenge.

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