Priya Malik throws pee at Kishwar Merchant in BB9

Priya Malik pees in her pants and throws a bottle of it on Kishwar.


Greetings folks, I have lived to see the day I would write this headline, all thanks to Indian reality shows. Even with that baritone, Bigg Boss is starting to look like a creep with a pee fetish.

Yesterday Priya Malik peed in her pants on national television and that isn’t even the surprising part. She did this for the sake of a captaincy task?  I frankly do not know where to direct my anger at. Do I blame the producers for creating such a dignified task? Do I blame Priya for doing it? Or do I blame myself for knowing about it?

I just don’t see the entertainment value in making women pee in bottles and pants, Wasn’t objectification enough already? Maybe I just don’t want to come from office, Turn on the T.V and watch a women pee her pants but that’s just me. According to me the only thing hot about that is her upper thighs right after it.

I would definitely not like to see her shadow-relieve herself in a bottle and then fling it at kishwar at an opportune moment, That weapon should be banned in EVERY war!

But that’s just me. Going by the “So bad that it is good” formula big boss seems to have, It brings guaranteed T.R.P’S. Good for them and good for the peeboss.

As for me, I don’t have a cable connection anymore.


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