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When you have set an aim for yourself and remain true to that, no matter how long and tough the road is; you will eventually reach the destination.  This is what defines Kamal Khan – the voice behind the hit song – Ishq Sufiyana. Being from Punjab, it was tough for him to survive in the industry, but with struggle and hard work, he manages to not only survive but making a mark in the industry with his soulful voice.

The otherwise shy person, Kamal gets candid for an interview with Abraxas NU. Here are the excerpts from the interview :

You started from Saregama, and then you moved to the Hindi film industry. How has been the journey for you – was it difficult to survive?

Initially it was difficult to survive. I am from Punjab and it was difficult for me to speak in Hindi. There was a Punjabi touch in my Hindi, but then I started working on the language to improve the diction and I started listening to Hindi songs more which really helped me a lot. It took a little bit of time, but now I am fine with the language.

 Have you taken any classes for Hindi?

No, bas dekhtedekhte hi seekhgaya. My teachers used to guide me a lot, like Vishal-Shekhar. Kaunsi voice notes pemujhedhyandenahai, kaunsaantarakaisegaanahai and things like that.

 Is it difficult for Reality TV stars to make their name in the industry?

Jab niyat saaf ho to manzile aasan ho jaati hai… I’ve started getting movies – everything was falling in place for me one by one. When I was doing a show, Vishal-Shekhar gave me a song in Tees Maar Khan. I also sang in a movie called Jolly LLB – that all happened when I was still doing the show. After the show, I got a chance to sing IshqSufiyana and recently sang Gori Tere Pyar Mein and sang in other movies too.

 How’s life after Ishq Sufiyana?

My life has completely changed after Ishq Sufiyana. People started booking me for shows and currently I am also working on some new projects. My lifestyle is completely changed post Ishq Sufiyana.

 I’ve read it somewhere that your father never wanted you to become a singer. Is that true?

Yes, my father wanted me to become a doctor like every parent’s does, but my mother always wanted me to become singer and surprisingly she is my ‘guru’ too.  She is a housewife, but also a trained singer. My grandfather was a great renowned singer, so that is how my mother was trained. Singing is in my blood.

 You father must be so proud of you now.

Now he really feels proud of me as people start recognising him by my name. So now he keep a check on my diet also and won’t let me eat things which are not good for my voice.

 How do people react at your hometown in Patiala when you go back to visit?

Bahutpyarmiltahaiji. As I am also into Punjabi singing – I sang for a few Punjabi movies, so people recognise me more.


 As success takes over, what changes do you feel?

I don’t think that any major change has taken place in my life. I am still connected to my roots. Aajbhi mere pair (feet) zameen par haiaur main kabhi chahunga bhi nahi ki mere pair zameen se upar uthe.

 Who is your favourite singer in the industry?

I really like Sukhvinder and Sonu Nigam.

 How is your equation with Vishal-Shekhar?

I am in touch with Vishal-Shekhar. They are such nice persons. Main is duniya  mein jab tak bhi hoon, unki blessings ki wajah se hoon. Main saari umar unka ehsan mand rahunga, apni taah umar.

What was your reaction when Vishal-Shekhar first offered you the song?

I was amazed. I was watching them for so many years on TV and following their music. So it was good that they selected me for the song.

 What do you think is most important to be a successful singer?

Sabse badi baat to hai ‘mehnat’ aapki. Agar aapki niyat saaf haina then you can reach the level of success. If you keep on looking at other singers and feel jealous about their success, then you cannot taste success.

 Any dream which is still not achieved?

Abhi to bahut kuch karna hai life mein – I really want to sing more good, blockbuster songs. I just want ke main apne fans ke liye aisi yaadein chodke jayoon ke wo mujhe hamesha yaad rakhein.

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