Bollywood characters that inspire us

Bollywood characters

Famous Bollywood characters that have inspired us

Bollywood is something without which most of the Indian people cannot live without. Some of them even take their inspiration from Bollywood. Some of them love Bollywood so much that they even try to emulate certain stars. An actor in Bollywood is like a god. Some of the characters that the actors have played on the silver screen have inspired many to follow their dreams or overcome difficulties.

Here we are going to give the list of the Bollywood characters movies that have inspired us.

Harpreet Singh Bedi (Rocket Singh) – We all have that rumbling feeling when we step into our new offices and thinking whether we will be able to settle in and accepted by our peers or not. Rocket Singh is inspiring, not because he started his own company, but because he inspires us to come out of the rut which most of us get stuck in. Although he messes up initially, he ends up succeeding eventually because of his hard work and determination.

Bollywood characters

Rocket Singh

Kabir Khan (Chak De India) – His character in the movie is of someone who people think has betrayed his country. How he manages to redeem himself in the eyes of the people of this country, despite facing huge odds is truly commendable. Not to mention that he also manages to make a rag-tag team of Indian women hockey players win the world cup; and who can forget the ‘Sattar’ minute speech. The character inspires us to achieve our goals even though we have failed at them in the initial try.

Bollywood characters

Chak De India

Shashi Godbole (English Vinglish) – One of the sweetest characters to come in the silver screen in recent years, was of Shahshi Godbole. From being ridiculed by her family (husband and children) for not being able to speak English. From not being able to speak even a little bit of English, to giving a speech in English at her niece’s wedding; Shashi Godbole inspires us and makes us believe that nothing is impossible. Shashi teaches us to overcome our weaknesses and work on them.

Bollywood characters

English Vinglish

Rohan (Udaan) – Not having a mother, having an abusive father, these were just the things that Rohan had to face. When he is expelled from school and returns home to his abusive father, he is also shocked to find a half-brother. The way he deals with these issues truly shows that he is a strong person. He is determined and focused on becoming a writer. He ends up leaving his home to pursue his dreams and even takes his half-brother with him, to take care of him.

Bollywood characters


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