Kashmiri Pandit asks for hugs to promote harmony

Amidst the raging debate on Intolerance, A Kashmiri Pandit stood blindfolded in the center of the city.



He was asking for hugs, He stood with a sign that read “I am a Muslim and I trust and respect you, It is very cold. Hug me.”

Sandeep Mawa, a doctor by profession, heads the reconciliation front in Jammu and Kashmir. He organised this campaign to promote brotherhood and tolerance, as that would bridge the differences and promote interfaith dialogue.

“We do not want politicians and agencies to divide people on the basis of religion. We will not allow anyone to harm Kashmiriyat. We oppose the hate campaign. The politics of religion is not good”, he said.

Mawa wants them to address issues with Pakistan so that all communities can live in harmony and brotherhood. He doesn’t want people to be divided by religion politics.

He was joined by many Sikh and Muslim men who all stood offering free hugs. He was inspired by the free hugs campaign by the blindfolded Muslim man in Paris.

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