Mademoiselle Moss, while I undoubtedly adore your badass fashion sense and your incomparable work in the industry, I cannot begin to tell you how ridiculous this statement sounds to me! For the love of God, take this woman to eat some shake shack cheesy fries! Fudgy gooey double chocolate brownie? Sicilian garlic bread?

I can go on with this list, till it makes you weak in your skinny knees!

However, you know what is as bad as those skinny knees? Fat ones, that don’t leave the comfort of a couch – eating potatoes and turning into one.

There, I just established my absolute love for food, to let you know that I’m just one of you. The transition to saying goodbye to my French fries was more a mental torture than a physical one. In all honesty, I may sound like one of those health freak drones, but the freshness of fruits, veggies and juices has now made me queasy to the likes of the oil stained, deep-fried ‘treats’.

Yes it takes a little while, yes it does take self-control, but the energy and zest to life is a difference you will see.

On the plus side, when you eat healthy and work out, the cheat meals don’t make you feel guilty or don’t make you feel bad, neither do they stop you from wearing that absolute favourite dress, that no longer is a size too small.

There is a world of difference being skinny and being fit, being “healthy” (polite term for fat) and actually being healthy. So forget the lazy propaganda “loving your body” because if you really genuinely do, you’ve got to take care of it, and not watch Ted talks, that tell you being too skinny or being too fat is okay, because since when does acceptability become a goal? Aim higher darlings – the world is your oyster! Get fit and get under the ocean!

Here are 5 really real reasons to get fit.

It literally makes you happier (I mean science people! C’mon) From genuine personal experience, it’s a great way to unwind and beat out all the frustration, depression and anger; it’s a great physical release plus a hormonal one! Recent studies have shown that serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, endorphins, and adrenaline levels are significantly increased by exercise. By the way, these are all your feel good hormones. So I’m not joking when I say it makes you happier! I know you’re remembering your last gym session, cursing your trainer, but hey, you cannot argue, I just said recent studies have shown, Science people!You can’t be scoring if you’ve got no goals!

We millennials are absolute badasses, we’re out for the gold!  You may or not have your career path and life all sorted out, but regardless at this age and time of your life it’s crucial to have small goals and plans to give you a sense of direction and achievement on completion to push you further and keep you dedicated! It builds a great work ethic and prepares you for the uphill battle life has in store for you. Setting goals in your fitness regime and doing different types of work-outs helps you gain this ethic and confidence both physically, emotionally and mentally to face these challenges in life.There is no revenge like success

Okay, here is a moment of 100% realness. You know the only better feeling than looking at yourself in a mirror with a fit body? Knowing that your ex is looking at you and your new fit body! (Plus point, also probably a new future boyfriend!)

Breakups make great bodies! And if you are dating someone, bad bodies make breakups! So in general, fit people definitely have a better love life!

Happy Girls…. *Correction* Happy fit girls are the prettiest.

Ever wonder why all the actresses have such flawless glowing skin? (No it isn’t only all their make-up and beauty products) Being fit means being healthy physically and eating right, this includes your greens, proteins, and vitamins. The great combination of sweat and no sweet leads to fabulously glowing, healthier and better-looking skin. Goodbye, breakouts.  And of course, that fit body means yes crop tops and no muffin tops!

Move out Sati Savitri, bring in some Angelina Jolie!

A trekking holiday? Girls’ trip scuba diving? Take part in a marathon? Tick some adventure sports off your bucket list? Climb Kilimanjaro?

The fantastic ability to say yes to everything! Think of all the amazing things you can achieve and do with your life, at a moment’s notice. No wasting time training and getting ready because hey! You’re fit enough to star as the next Lara Croft!

Avantika Dassani


Avantika Dassani, Bhagyashree’s daughter, is getting a degree in Business and Marketing from Cass Business School in London. She’s an adventurous soul passionate about travelling, dance, food and most importantly fashion. Straight from the world’s fashion capital, she brings you the latest trends and new finds from the streets of London into your wardrobes

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