A fashion extravaganza at Antaragni 2015


Designers woo judges at Ritambhara 2015


Team Event Winners: St. Xavier’s Kolkata

One of the biggest college festivals in North India, Antaragni is the annual cultural festival of IIT Kanpur, held in the month of October. Out of all the events which take place during the four-day extravaganza is Ritambhara – the largest and the most sought-after college fashion event in the country. Many colleges irrespective whether or not they are from a fashion background, participate in the event showcasing their creative designs.
Ritambhara is a mix of suave and dapper. It is packed with the audience and the creativity which can be seen in the form of dresses holds a lot of promise.

St Xavier's Kolkata Ritambhara Antaragni

St Xavier’s Kolkata Ritambhara Antaragni

Team Event
Ritambhara comprised of two rounds. During the first round of the coveted event, there were 12 teams who took part in it. After the first round, six teams were selected for the final round. On day two, six teams battled out to win the top two positions. NIFT Delhi, Motilal Nehru College, NIFT Raebareli, St Xavier’s Kolkata, Amity and ITM Gwalior were the final six colleges.
For the preliminary round, each team was given five minutes to showcase their dresses. There were two themes from which the teams could choose from; Cosplay (Teams were supposed to present some popular characters from different media) or Eternal Elegance (Teams were supposed to present the changing trends and times of fashion world). St. Xavier’s Kolkata came 1st in the team event while NIFT Delhi came second.

NIFT Delhi Ritambhara Antaragni

NIFT Delhi Ritambhara Antaragni

Mr. and Ms. Impresionante    
The Mr. and MS. Impresionante had a total number of 42 participants; 21 girls and 21 boys. There were three rounds in the event. In the first round, the participants were supposed to wear ethnic dresses and incorporate indigenous moves. In round two the participants were given the theme of Beach Fiesta. The participants were supposed to perform wearing attires for a beach party.
Six girls and six boys were selected for the final round. Two questions were asked to the participants by the judges. The winner was decided based on these questions. The idea behind the question was to target the personalities of the participants.
The winners of the individual contest were Aradhya Kumar from Ramjas College (Mr Impresionante) and Ananya Singh Rajpoot from NIFT Delhi (Ms Impresionante).


Winners of Mr. and Ms Impresionante: Aradhya Kumar and Ananya Singh Rajpoot

The judges for the events were Hemant Sud – Ace photographer and CEO of Abraxas NU, Manish Khullar – Ace fashion photographer and CEO of NIMS, Kanika Kapur – Miss Asia 2015, Noyonita Lodh – Miss Diva Universe 2014, Josh Goraya – Ace Fashion Designer and CEO of Culture, Shilpa Singh – Miss India Universe 2012,  Siddharth Joshi – Senior Features Writer FHM and Vishal Gyan Chandani (Team Abraxas).

Abraxas NU was the Lifestyle Media Partner of Antaragni and Abraxas Photography was the official Dream-On sponsor. Also, there will be two-page coverage of the winning team and a photo shoot of Mr. and Ms. Impresionante.

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