Ex – contestants return to Bigg Boss 9

Much needed drama in Bigg Boss 9 returns

It seems that Bigg Boss 9 is finally getting into its act. With a few additional contestants roped in for the show, things have started to change in Bigg Boss 9’s house. The contestants are so hell bent on breaking each other’s spirit that they have taken things too far in the show. Rishabh Sinha, Mandana Karimi and Sargun Mehta have tried their best to get under the skin of their fellow contestants.

Bald Aman Verma

Even though last night’s episode was considered to be just okay, there was one moment which stood out; Aman Verma has gone bald. Now you will see Aman Verma in his new Avatar. Will his directors prefer the bald?

Rishabh Sinha being the bad man of the house

In the Hotel Task, there was a major turmoil. Team Guests did everything in its power to push Team Staff over the edge. The contestant who took the limelight was Rishabh Sinha (Wild Card Entry) who belonged to Team Guest.  He decided to play fetch with Suyyash Rai where he had to act like a dog and answer to the name Oscar. He also did the same thing to Kishwer Merchant who also happens to be Suyyash Rai’s girlfriend and she had to answer to the name Snooky.

Although Kishwer did the task sportingly, her boyfriend did not like the fact that Kishwer too had to do the same thing. He felt that the task was too humiliating for her as she is a woman. Because of this he cried. It was pretty obvious that Rishabh Sinha doesn’t like Kishwer and vice-versa.

Ex-contestants throwing their weight around?

Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble is all set to bring twist as some of the ex-contestants from previous seasons are all set to come back into the house. VJ Andy, Sargun Mehta and Ali Quli Mirza came in as guests. Other guests were wild card entry Rishabh Sinha and Mandana Karimi. Prince Narula was the manager. The contestants were to be in the Staff team.

The Guest team had the full freedom to make any demands and the staff had to comply. This created a much-needed drama in the house.


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