Fitness and nutrition for youngsters

Fitness and nutrition


Fitness and nutrition for youngsters

Fitness and nutrition for youngsters by Dr. Chirag Sethi

Importance of exercise

  • The best moments of our life begin at school, and then college, where we want to look our most radiant and striking. But we also need to structure a foundation for a healthy and fit body.
  • The myth around exercise that needs to be busted is that exercise acts as a deterrent of growth in the body. However there is no evidence that can back this statement. What is proved is that, exercise increases the hormonal responses in the body, which triggers the growth hormone and helps in achieving a good height.

Golden age  for building a better body

  • Research has also shown that the best results are seen when the exercise is started between the age of 13-25 years which is considered to be the golden age for building a better body.
  • The 2 hormones that are very important for growth as well as for strong and aesthetic muscles are growth hormone and testosterone. These hormones are at peak during these years and adding exercise can do wonders to the mind and body.
  • The focus should be on high repetition and lower weights as the muscles are in the growing stage and are not ready for hypertrophy. The aim is to learn the movement and to become physically stronger.

“Exercise does not deter  growth in  our body”

Nutrition plan

  • Our nutrition plan should include a good portion and combination of carbohydrate, fats and proteins. Complex carbohydrate such as oats, brown rice, vegetables and fruits should be added to the plan.
  • Fats are helpful in insulating the vital organs and the nerves in the body.
  • Proteins, also known as the building blocks of the body, are very important for the tissue growth and maintenance. They can be extracted from sources such as lean meats, eggs and cottage cheese to name a few.
  • Calcium helps in the making and strengthening of the bones. It is advisable to take at least 1 gram of calcium every day. The good sources of calcium include milk and dairy products.

The bottom line is at the end of the day no matter how badly we constantly strive to look our best all the time, what is more important is how you feel inside and there is little doubt that a good fitness and nutrition plan enhances that.
dr_72dpiDr. Chirag Sethi : A master’s degree  holder in sports physiotherapy. He holds certifications from  American College of Sports and Medicine (ACSM), National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF) and  American  Council on Exercise  (ACE). A passionate fitness professional himself, he has done various  seminars  on topics like Sports Supplementations, Olympic Lifting , Basic Interaction of Hormones in Human body ,food  plate planning to name a few.

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