Model : Kamila Gródecka
Photographer : Pawel Szmit (Instilled Photography)
Instilled Photography

The Never Ending Debate

There is a saying “Let the beauty we love be what we do”- everybody would agree that trends have certainly changed, be it fashion, movies, music or even women’s physiques. We’ve become accustomed to seeing size zeros as compared to the curvaceous women of yesteryear. However, everybody is now wondering whether the trends are, once again, changing or not. That’s right, the voluptuous frames are now making a comeback. Gone are the days where having a skinny body was in fashion. Now every woman is opting for a well-toned and healthier body.

Scientific studies have shown that men through the ages have found women with hourglass figures more attractive. A theoretical study has been conducted and it was found that men prefer normal sized women with a few curves to those who are fashionably thin. They find that bodies like Scarlett Johansson’s or Kate Winslet’s are more attractive than the skinny figures of celebrities like Victoria Beckham.


Model : Kamila Gródecka
Photographer : Pawel Szmit (Instilled Photography)
Instilled Photography

So what’s the current trend – size zero or a curvaceous body? Women should love their bodies and be proud and comfortable of what they have. Well, curves always give a woman a more shapely and harmonious appearance. A curvy woman may look more natural and appear more graceful than a waif-like woman.

Kamila Grodecka an international model said, “Every woman should be curvy. That’s the way it should always be. Skinny ones look anorexic and an anorexic body does not look appealing or attractive in any way. The sexiest combination is when intelligence connects with beauty. I mostly prefer an hourglass kind of figure. Being thin is totally out of fashion and what is in and what people are wanting is curves.”

It should be kept in mind that no woman should get too thin – because exaggerated skinniness definitely spoils the ideal lines of femininity. The sharp, angular lines of a thin woman are never considered to be feminine at all.  These days ladies want to keep themselves in shape, but too much dieting definitely makes them lose their charm and beauty.

According to men, voluptuous curves on a woman also happen to exude sensuality. An underweight body can ruin the appearance of a woman’s face-giving her a gaunt look. It definitely looks like she’s suffering from ‘lollipop head syndrome’.

We have definitely come across many Bollywood actresses who have burned the screen with their acting skills and sexy curves. Sonakshi Sinha is one actress who proudly flaunts her curves with immense grace and style. Taking up a challenge, the junior shot-gun girl had lost approximately 30 kilos and yet she’s not a size zero! Who are we to worry when this sexy actress is stress-free herself? She has wowed the audience with her stunningly curvy figure. Another stunning actress is Vidya Balan who looked ‘ooh-la-la’ with her curves in The Dirty Picture. Size zero is something that is no longer a trend and now women have started revealing their curvy figures. So it’s pointless to buy books on diets and stress yourself in the gym to keep yourself skinny. Skinny models might look good on the ramp, but definitely they can’t be called sexy in the real world.


Zahra Powell, a model, said, “I think a girl should always go for a curvy figure. It’s sexy as well as healthy. It’s not dangerous to the body like a size zero figure is. A curvy figure is any day more attractive and better than a size zero figure. I am a true follower of Kim Kardashian and she is my favourite curvy star. So, whether it’s for models or any other ladies, they should never go for size zero.”

Theoretical studies have found that men always prefer women who are more feminine, healthier and confident. Men also like women who maintain a proper balance of muscles and fat together. Though what matters is basically being healthy – that is what every woman should try to focus on.

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