Salita Nanda Presents Her Picasso – Inspired collection


Salita Nanda Presents Her Picasso-Inspired Collection

Salita Nanda at Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2015

Upcoming designer Salita Nanda’s new collection.
Key Points
Off-white is the base of the collection for the artistic prints, which appeared on jumpsuits, cropped tops, skirts, an unusual boxy rectangular tube over skirt, wraparound shorts, appliquéd printed maxis and a striking off-shoulder cropped top with a lampshade shaped skirt.


The collection was inspired by Picasso’s cubist painting ‘Les Demoiselles D’vignon’. There are also African undertones and lots of scripts around African masks depicted in the painting. Taking those influences and undertones, she used African symbols depicting the virtues of love, power, strength and freedom.


Painting & Fabric in Sync

The designer is drawn to the geometry, the painting and the cubism aspect of Picasso’s work. 3D fabrics have actually been made in the 3D printer with the use of the rawest form of nylon.

Digital prints and a series of 3D printed fabrics highlight the artistic angle of the collection with a touch of pop.

The structured garments are held up by bone wire
Sculpt AspectEY2B3927

Keeping in theme with the whole idea of sculpt, the garments are very boxy and structured, and are also kept in tune with the painting. The entire collection has an architectural feel to it.
My collection is inspired by the cubist painting ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’ by Picasso. It is my interpretation featuring the 5 women in the painting. I centred the entire collection around these empowered women and gave them virtues.

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