Doesn’t the image of a lady in leathers, astride one big motorcycle just get to you? Be it Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity in the Matrix Series, Gal Gadot as Gisele in the Fast & Furious Series or the next door neighbourhood girl out on a spin; there is something very interesting in knowing that the fairer sex is very mechanically-minded and inclined to machines that appeal to us.

In many of our movies, a person zooming in on a bike does give a hint of sophistication to that part, and for many of us riders – a moment of well-lit up recognition, which only a motorcycle rider would understand. Respect!

However out on the streets, especially in our congested highway and bylanes, a lady at the wheel of a car, or on a two-wheeler, immediately tends to attract unwanted attention and many a times is at the receiving end of sarcastic comments and scornful looks. Is it just that, it’s because there is a lady on the road, a person, whom we are supposed to appreciate and respect, but can’t help making fun off at times like this, just because…?


In the modern world, a lady out on her own, effortlessly handling either a small Hyundai i10 or a large Suzuki Bandit, is quite a welcome sight on any road. Granted, there may be a few cases where they could be a little nervous and tend to overcorrect, thereby sending the motorist, following behind, into near cardiac arrest. But we have definitely seen our fair share of men who are equal if not worse when it comes to mistakes while in the driver’s seat. In fact in a lot of cases, we have seen guys – both drivers and riders behave like they own the entire road, sweeping down entire lanes, hugging corners without giving way to oncoming traffic and generally just creating a ruckus on the roads.

In comparison, ladies at the helm are a welcome change, as they do not get off into the adrenaline-blasting mode of bash-the-other and rule the road. They know when to just let idle and allow others to vent their steam, and when the time is right, to just floor it.royal-enfield-motorcycle-girl-wallpaper-1920x1080

The appearance of lady bikers on the road was largely unknown in India until xBhp started uniting the biking fraternity. Overnight, 2-wheeler aficionados could discuss relevant material to their loving rides, debate and argue forever about insignificant details and go on and on about the trips they have taken. Of course, it was not long when people started noticing the dainty girls zooming around on Scootys’. The internet was the medium that brought many of them together and the connection was built.

In 2011, the Bikerni was born, a brainchild of Urvashi Patole, who actually started riding since the tender age of 14. Stunts and injuries that went hand in glove did not deter this tough girl and 12 years down the line, she has over 4,00,000kms down to her credit, emphasizing the raw passion that drives her continuously.

Together with other ladies, like FirdausShaikh, SheetalBidaye and ChithraPriya – Urvashi has helped bring the Bikerni into the spotlight of the Motorcycling Community, with a bang. The growth of their many chapters spread across India, consisting of 500+ riders, has helped these dedicated women who love their motorcycles, to ride out across the length and breadth of the country. Among their many awesome rides, the one that remains etched in memory would be their 10-member, 2013 Leh – Ladakh expedition, followed by their 5000 km round trip, on the entire Southern Coastal belt.

As the Bikerni’s mission states – “to create an equal platform for women motorcyclists and to empower women all over India through the field of motorcycles”, this is definitely one team that is a guiding light for all girls out there who are tempted to try their hands on 2-wheelers. And in today’s age where ladies have proven themselves time and again, across the spectrum of occupational streams, the appearance of a woman handling a large capacity bike, with ease, in any traffic – is certainly a welcome sight.

Unfortunately, in a lot of our cities, in many families, the simple thought of someone’s daughter showing an interest in riding anything larger than a Scooty, tends to lead their parents into a tizzy with wrong notions scrambling in all directions. And with that, while many girls are actually bold enough to try a proper motorcycle out, their love for adventure is curbed, because of what parents and family might think. And for those who have tied the knot, might even have to deal with in-laws. With the rigid upbringing that we are famously known for, many women have actually had to give up their love for motorcycling just to keep their husbands and in-laws happy.

However as with everything changing and evolving for the better, the roads are equally owned by both ladies and gents. We all have impositions clamped down on us. But hell yeah, what is life if not to break the rules once in a while and do what we like? So for all the girls out there who hesitate to get astride a proper motorcycle, you won’t know or understand until you try it. So gear up and ride out – take it as the time of your life!! Or do you intend to try it out when you cross 70?

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