What makes Wimbledon and its sponsors special?


The traditional beliefs of the tournament are what make it a unique sporting event.

Ever wondered what makes Wimbledon one the most prestigious championships in any sport? It is not about the players or their class, it is the fact that unlike other major conventional sporting tournaments, the organisers of Wimbledon do not depend on advertisements as much. They have a select group of brands, which show their advertisements and that too in a minimalistic way. The fact that the tournament is rooted in tradition makes it a delight to watch.  The other sporting tournaments have taken full opportunity of the advertisement available. In most of the sports, you see more advertisement than the game itself. But this does not happen in Wimbledon. Even the brands understand the need to be minimalistic when it comes to putting up their advertisements. There is pride in these brands and not the usual gloating.

Here we bring the brands that are a part of  Wimbledon.

Rolex: Since 1978 Rolex has been Wimbledon’s official timekeeper. Over the years, Rolex has managed to make its presence felt at the tournament. The brand has embraced qualities such as traditional value, it has not overtly displayed its association with the tournament, and it has done that very subtly. Apart from this it has also provided a very useful service to the tournament. The only places where you can see the logos are the clocks are the venue and the official scoreboards.


Slazenger: Slazenger has been the official tennis ball supplier for Wimbledon. Their association goes as far back as the year 1902. This year the company will provide around 52,000 balls in this year’s edition. Each of these balls will be tested for weight, bounce and compression.


Jacob’s Creek: The iconic Australian brand is the official wine of the tournament. They have been associated with the sport since 2011.


IBM: IBM is the official technology partner of the tournament. There is an underground bunker, where all the data is handled by software provided by IBM. This data is later used by commentators, video feeds, on the official website and also in the apps.  Each tournament has around 3.2 million units of data, so now you can imagine the magnitude of work they are doing. IBM has been associated with Wimbledon for the last 26 years.


Ralph Lauren: The famous American designer is the first designer to in the history of the tournament to be in partnership with The All England lawn Tennis Club and dress all the on-court officials.


Jaguar Land Rover: In order to support the tournament’s operations, Jaguar and Land Rover will supply 170 luxury and high-performance vehicles. In order to strengthen the engagement during in the tournament, Jaguar will also be handing out biometric devices to the spectators in the two main courts in Wimbledon and as well as to those, who will be watching the matches on big screens on the grounds. These devices will be used to measure the energy and excitement levels in the tournament.



Solly Sport: Allen Solly, the now Indian brand has partnered with Wimbledon to promote its casual line of sports apparel called Solly Sport.  According to this partnership, Solly Sport is licensed to use Wimbledon as a brand on its special range of men’s apparel.

The Solly Sport TVC which was shot at a Wimbledon court

The Wimbledon championships have strong traditional roots; this is the main reason why we do not see any splashes of sponsors all over the place, just like it happens in other sports major tournaments.

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