The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 5 Sneak Preview.

Alexandria not safe anymore

Episode 5 of The Walking Dead Season 6 which is titled ‘Now’ will be aired on November 9. There is a high possibility that the Alexandrians will now have to relocate themselves after the attack of wolves on the community, which left many dead. The community is no longer safe. It can be attacked anytime by the walkers or the wolves.

There was a chance that the community could be saved from the walkers, but an attack by the wolves laid waste to that plan.

Another development which took place in the story line was getting to know how Morgan transformed from a violent man whom we had encountered in Season 4 to a peace loving man.

The Alexandrians have lived a sheltered life since the Zombie Apocalypse, and they have no idea how things work now. Before Rick and his group came in, they did not even had the slightest idea how the new world order worked. When it comes down to saving their own lives, they are not very good at it. This was very evident when the wolves attacked the community and most of them were not able to save themselves from the attack. In fact, it was Rick’s group which stopped the wolves from completely destroying the community. They risked their own lives to save the Alexandrians.  The most notable evidence is in the form of Glenn’s death.

Setbacks after setbacks

There have been a number of setbacks that the community has faced is just tremendous. Each time the community overcomes a challenge; there is an obstacle which comes up. In order to re-build their walls to make their community safer, they need to secure the outside, but each time they go outside, the constant threat of Wolves and Walkers trouble them. The overall mood in the community had become grim. Most of the residents have lost faith in the securities they have set up for themselves.

Fans were still unable to digest the fact that Glenn has died. His name was omitted from the opening credits of the last episode. This means that there is a high possibility that Glenn might not return to the series.

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