Sunny Leone looks beyond her past

sunny leone

“Everyone has a past … so what?” says Sunny Leone

The most searched actress on Google with over 3.5 crore searches, Sunny Leone speaks about Bollywood and her new project.

On Bollywood

Sunny Leone is very happy where she has reached. She feels that she has been accepted by audiences and is now getting performance-oriented roles which will help bring her acting skills to the fore. “I am getting accepted in the industry. I am happy that I am doing all kind of films be it horror, thriller or action. I don’t know if I have made a mark for myself here. I want to do good work, have fun and entertain people,” she asserts. She has come a long way and now feels a part of this industry. “I’m here and want to stay. I love this world. I will continue to work hard and do amazing work.”The actress is also comfortable in the Bollywood environment. “Mumbai and Bollywood are my new home. I have my own residence, my own car and my own staff in Mumbai.”

Sunny Leone shot my Maya Photography.

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On Her Past and Career

We all know that Sunny Leone has a controversial past. Yet, she has never been ashamed of it. She is quite proud of her past and says that she has learnt many things from it and that keeps her going. “I don’t understand why it is so difficult for some people to accept” that she has made a natural progression from one phase in her life to another. “Everyone has a past. We all grow from one level to another,” she adds. She’s working hard on her career as a Bollywood actress, and is very happy with the way her career is taking shape and asserts, “I am so unbelievably happy to be working and am happy that people are showing so much support. I am working hard to make a career, just like everyone else in every profession.”

On the Numbers Game

She doesn’t believe in the numbers game and neither does she fear competition. She thinks she is a new entrant and would never compare herself to any veteran in Bollywood. “There is enough work for everyone, I believe. I am just working hard to get to where I want to be,” she shares.

On Her role in Bobby Khan’s Leela

She’s being cast as a princess and would be noticed for a different role. How does she feel? She is really excited about how the film unfolds, and says,” This is just a different type of movie from what I have been cast for in the past.”

On Her upcoming sex-comedy Mastizaade

Leone is very happy about her character Laila Lele because “this is an avatar that no one has seen me act in to date,” she reveals. She wants this project to be her biggest movie to date. “I hope my fans are ready for me and the cast to make them laugh throughout this film,” she says.

Sunny Leone shot my Maya Photography.

Photo courtesy: Maya Photography

On Her Image Makeover

Sunny is not at all looking for any image makeover .She’s very comfortable. “I don’t set any rules or limits for myself,” the actress reveals. But at the same time, she now wants to be known as an actress, and wishes to take a break from the ‘horrex’ (horror and sex) movies.

On brushing up her Hindi skills

She’s very conscious and constantly working towards improving her Hindi. In the coming films you will hear her speak in her own voice. “I promise you my Hindi would be acceptable. It is very important for me to keep growing. The effort shows in Ragini MMS 2, I think,” she tells.

On Her Fitness Secrets

Sunny shares a few tips for a beautiful body and mind. Why not incorporate them into your lifestyle?
She eats healthy and exercises a lot. Despite her busy schedule she eats healthy and her diet comprises lots of fruit, vegetables and milk. Salads are her preferred snack “I am a believer in the ‘8 glasses of water a day mantra’, she shares .( She is often found carrying a water bottle ) “It’s very hard to eat good and workout on set but if I do little things for 10-20 minutes a day I feel it helps me maintain my body. Butt-ups, crunches, leg raises, push ups, and step ups really make all the difference in the world,” she explains. To maintain a toned body, she visits the gym at least 2 to 3 times a week. While travelling; she prefers practising yoga and pilates.
In spite of so much opposition, she never loses her confidence. “Let your confidence shine bright in your attitude and your body language,” she states and advises everyone to “Take pride in your work.”

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