Parents Are A Priceless Treasure


Never forget your parents as they are the reason Why You Are and Who You Are


While growing up, we get so engaged in ourselves that we, at times, forgot to acknowledge another very important part of our life – our parents. Their needs and thoughts suddenly start to become meaningless for us. We start to develop a lot of differences in opinions and priorities, and ended up fighting over issues. Most importantly, our wants are totally different to that of theirs. But, there is no denying that we have always loved them unconditionally. Problems and issues do come, but it’s all about how we tackle them. We’re all adults now, so we need to find ways in which we can avoid fights or even completely vanish them.

If you are also going through similar kind of situation then these are the steps you should follow:


It is a very important thing to do because at times, parents cannot take the sudden change of behavior their child adopts. Up to a certain period of time, when they have seen you work and live according to them, they will naturally feel different as well as uncomfortable to see you being all by yourself. You making your own decisions will not be acceptable to them, because that’s not how things have always been in our society. A parent deciding for their kids is considered to be the best for him or her. But if you don’t want the same, it’s perfectly okay. You just have to take care of their feelings and ensure that they don’t get hurt.



Communication is the key of happiness in any relationship, and it also works in this case. It’s not good to get away from your parents or not talk to them because of anything. You should always keep an open communication with them and talk to them every now and then. Parents always love to talk, be it about your life, their life, your career or their future plan; they want you to be part of everything.



Both of your thinking or opinions might differ, but they will never ignore or disrespect what you want. As you set out into the world where there are already so many off beat options to choose from, you naturally would want to change your way and take a risk of getting into a completely new path. But fighting about it with your parents or getting upset if they are not supporting will not solve anything for you. What you need to do is, talk to them. They are your parents and they understand you more than anyone. You have to very calmly and humbly make them understand about your choice of career, why do you want to do this and what are the possibilities of a good future. Above all, you have to make them understand that, if not a very heavy income will be made through it at least you’ll be doing what you actually want to do, but again in a very appropriate manner.



Spending time is not just going out with them and having dinner or a good meal. It’s about connecting with them. You can make them feel special once in a while if not often. Like, a car wash day with Dad or helping Mom cook dinner some day or maybe, watch their favorite movie together. Being around with them on special occasions like birthdays and Anniversaries will bring immense pleasure to them.
There is no way your parents won’t understand you, no matter how strict they are. In the end, they want everything for your happiness. So, even if they, at times, restrict you for few things, then you must understand their motive behind it. You taking care about them in a very small way can light up their face and that way you will definitely have a very strong relationship with your parents.

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