Love & Relationships : Things That Guys Secretly Wish Girls Knew About

Love & Relationships
Treat him like a king and he will treat you like his queen!


Love and Relationships

People tend to think that girls like to keep their secrets, while men burst them out. This commonly spread notion is partially correct, but there are few secrets which men like to keep. So if you want to get closer to your partner, then this list will help you get to know more about him. Here is a list of a few secrets that men keep from their better halves.

Guys get hurt too:

Love and Relationships

Guys pretend to be strong, but in fact they are much more sensitive than they are perceived to be. They try to portray themselves as tough individuals who are casual about things. A guy with a broken heart is much more affected than a girl as they bottle up their feelings inside them, which in turn, tends to hurt more.

Thinking about the future:

Love and Relationships

Men usually come across as people who don’t give a damn about the future, but the truth is quite the opposite. They do plan for things ahead, only they do not do it loudly. They will quietly go about doing their business and unfold their plans for the future.

Women in control:

Nothing turns on a guy more than a girl taking charge in the bed. This actually makes a man feel more strong and confident, because here he is the object of desire and not the other way round. The more steamy love making is, the more he enjoys it.


Love and Relationships

When out on a date or just eating outside, do not do the mistake of ordering a salad and then start pecking away from his plate. This will irritate him to no end, but of course he won’t say it or even show his displeasure at this annoying habit.

Respect his friends:

Most of the guys have a set of friends whom they love to hangout with. Don’t deny them this. Unlike girls, boys don’t fight or stop talking to each other if some friend insults him, on the contrary, the best of friends will always make fun of each other. So it is very important for him that you get along with his friends because as much as they love you they also value their friendship.

 They get jealous:

Love and Relationships

If a girl talks about her ex-partner with her new partner then he will listen to it, but in reality he will feel jealous. He would not want your past to hover over your present and hamper your current relationship.

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