This week in Bigg Boss 9

Bigg Boss 9

From fights to changing of partners and one of the hottest contestants being married- this week surely got to an explosive start


New partner

Bigg Boss and fights and unexpected things always go hand in hand. The week started in the absence of Ankit Gera. He was unexpectedly voted out of the Bigg Boss 9 house. This left Arvind without a partner, to which the makers had a simple solution. Arvind got a new partner and no it wasn’t a wild-card entry. Arvind will get a mannequin to carry around as his partner in the house. Although funny, it will surely be interesting to watch that how will he carry himself and his ‘partner’ around in the house?

Is Mandana Karimi married?

Moving away from the funny part of the show, certain developments and news has come; it is in the form of the fact that Mandana Karimi is married. The Iranian import, who is the problem child of the house, happens to be married. Since the time, the season has started she has always been the talking point of the show. Be it her proximity to Keith or her catfight with Rochelle, she has always been in the news. And this time again she is being talked about because of some other reasons. Apparently her marriage certificate has been circulating all over the news channels claiming that she has been married to someone called Lalit Kumar since 2011.

 Bigg Boss 9

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Mandana Karimi again!

There is clearly a lot of tension going on in between Keith Sequeira and Mandana Karimi. Keith is usually very calm and composed, but this time he lost his cool when Mandana was acting difficult -so much for their alleged love affair. He was so angry that he even said that Mandana makes him follow her everywhere she goes like a dog. He went on to say that he should have changed his partner when he got the chance to do so. Because of their verbal spats Rochelle Rao will surely be the happiest person in Bigg Boss 9 house.


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