Making Women’s Lives Easier

Generally it’s the boys who are gadget freaks, but people would be surprised to know that lately girls love gadgets as much as the boys do. Modernisation is marked with technological advancements, booms in media and communication, and changing lifestyles. This has definitely brought about a rapid change in the spheres of the society and also in the lives of woman in today’s world.


“I stay in a joint family and it is necessary for me to work in the kitchen every day. I have to get up almost at dawn everyday and cook breakfast for my children and husband and pack their lunches. My life without kitchen appliances like egg boilers, juicers and hand blenders would have been incomplete. These gadgets definitely lessen my work load and help me do my work efficiently,” says Sushma Rajput, a homemaker.

Gadgets making life easy

These days’ women are no longer just sitting in the house as homemakers – they are going to space, fighting for our country on the borders, playing cricket and acting in films among other things. The introduction of smart gadgets for women has definitely made their life easier in today’s world. They are not only using mobile phones and laptops, but are also seen using various different kinds of gadgets in their day to day life. Kitchen gadgets microplane zesters, salad spinners, mandolin slicers, garlic presses, manual juicers, pepper mills and hand blenders are just some of the appliances which definitely serve the purpose of making women’s lives easier.


 Various Gadgets

Fitness tracking wrist bands, sleek digital cameras, colourful ear phones, handy cams and iPods are just some of the gadgets that are loved by every woman. We see that women these days are keener on gadgets rather than dresses and shoes. “I am a complete gadget freak. People have the wrong assumption that only men are crazy about gadgets. I completely disagree with this,” says college student Riya Singh.

The busy lifestyle of today’s women leaves them with hardly any time to let their hair dry naturally. Hair dryers are a must have gadget for any woman these days. A good hair dryer needs to be powerful so that wet hair can be dried within a matter of minutes for that quick makeover for a party or for an office presentation. The other hair gadgets include hair straightener, hair curling rod, hair crimpers which are definitely some wonderful add ons as well. Whether you are going for a cocktail party or any wedding these gadgets will definitely sort your life.


 Women’s best friend

Women are more avid book buyers than men and this also reflects in their interest in buying eReaders as compared to men who opt for tablets. Does this at all indicate that women are more intellectual than men? On their wish list is an economical eBook reader that’s lighter than a paperback, has a superb display and there’s enough storage of space to carry their whole library around with them.

According to Priya Arora, “There are certain gadgets that have definitely made my life much easier. I am so dependent on these gadgets – whether it’s my hair dryer for the perfect blow out, or my hair removal epilator to get rid of unwanted body hair anytime I want to.”


Are gadgets seriously the modern woman’s best friend? The answer is yes of course. If recent trends and surveys are to be believed, these days women’s interest in electronic products has increased over the years in a major way. So, if you think that men are the only ones with an immense love for gadgets then think again!

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