Turing Phone – the superhero phone comes to India

Turing Phone

The phone which cannot be hacked, broken and is waterproof is set to be launched in India

Turing Phone

As the technology for phones keeps on going one notch higher with each passing day, there is no limit for new features to be added to the smartphones. The Turing Phone is the latest entry into the world of smartphone, and it might be the game changer. People invest a lot in their smartphones. They are expensive, delicate and prone to hacking.

What makes the Turing Phone unique is the fact that as far as the security is concerned, it is the best phone. Turing Technologies has launched a smartphone which they claim to be unhackable and unbreakable.  The device will also be launched in India in September 1st week.  The starting price of this device will be Rs 55,000.

Now you must be wondering why such a steep price for the phone? The reason why the phone starts at a staggering amount of Rs55, 000 is because of the features that come with it. The fact that it is a though phone is because of several reasons, the number one being that it is made-up of  Liquidmorphium, which is stronger than titanium and steel. The company also uses nano-coating to cover all the internal parts, thus making it waterproof.  If this is not enough, the phone also has a built-in encryption in its core apps.  This means that the third party cannot intercept the messages and calls.


The phone has specifically been designed with keeping security in mind. The phone will come out in three variants such as the 14GB, 64GB and the 128GB. The price will start for the 14 GB variant and 128GB model will cost around Rs68, 000.

The Turing Phone will run on a 2.5GHZ Snapdragon 801c processor with a 3GB ram. The phone also supports the 4G LTE and comes with a battery which is 3,000MaH non-removable battery. It also has a 5.5 inch full HD Display, which has a 13MP front camera and an 8MP front camera. The phone also comes with a fine fingerprint scanner. The phone will run on the Android 5.1 lollipop. The phone will charge with the help of a magnetically attached power connector.

This phone in India will definitely attract those who are high up the professional ladder for example CEOs and bureaucrats, those who would not want someone snooping around in their phone.

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