Top gadget fails of the last decade


Gadgets which failed to impress the crowd

Whenever there is a gadget launch, there is always a lot of talk about it. Many want to lay their hands on these gadgets, but do you know there are only a few gadgets that make it to the top or are a crowd pleaser. There are many which do not make to the top and are soon forgotten. For a company, there is a lot which depends on the newly launched products. There are a lot of research and technology experiments which go into the making of a new gadget. Quite often these products fail to deliver.

There is a simple formula for a gadget to be successful; the gadget is successful when it either solves a problem or changes the experience of the user in a big way.

Here we bring you the biggest gadget letdown of the last decade.

MSN Direct Smart Watches (2006) – The MSME direct Smart Watch was way ahead of its time. It showed you stock reports, news, sports and weather and also had an FM radio. The fact that it was made by watch companies such as Fossil and Swatch, it had to be a hit. But there was one problem and it lied in the fact all these feature were already in smartphones, and this is where the watch took the tumble.


Motorola Rockr E1 (2005) – Motorola Rockr E1 was a love child of Motorola and Apple. This was before apple jumped into the smartphone market. It was touted as the first iTunes phone and even after such companies behind it; the phone was not even remotely popular among the buyers. Although it was being sold as the first iTunes phone, it had a dismal song capacity of 100 songs. It also had a poor capacity to download songs from the web; it was immediately rejected by the users.

OQO Model 01 (2004) – Imagine the power of Windows in your palm, this was the idea of launching OQO Model 1 in 2004. The concept was good, which might have paved the way for the Windows phone, but at that time this device was not practical. Although versatile, the device was not very popular with the users; reason being that it had a 5-inch display and had a slide-down thumb keyboard. It was a very chunky device.  It had shortcomings as well- it got really hot; it had a low battery life and was priced at $1,999. It was expensive for even well-to-do businessmen and top honchos considering all the short-comings.


Oakley Thump Sunglasses (2007) – Before Google Glasses came into the picture, there were the Oakley Thump Sunglasses. In what wisdom did the sports glasses manufacturing company decide to put MP3 on the glasses will never be known? The fact that the glasses were ugly to look at and even the audio system was too cumbersome and that it had only 256mb of memory; not to mention the $495 price, made it unpopular with the customers so much, that they did even try the glasses.

There are many other gadgets in the past decade that failed miserably, such as the Blackberry Playbook and the HD DVD. The reason why we have mentioned only these four is because they were the biggest disappointments.

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