Avoid these healthy foods mistakes

healthy foods

Eat right healthy foods

healthy foods

One of the first steps to becoming fit and lose weight is by eating right. By eating right, we do not mean that you starve yourself. By eating right, we mean eating the right food at the right time and in balanced quantities. Very often people mistake healthy eating and they make mistakes, which results in them going back to their original bad eating habits.

Here we are going to talk about the wrong food habits of healthy eaters.

Not eating enough proteins for breakfast: One of the first thing people do, when they opt for healthy eating is having cereal with milk and maybe a banana. What usually happens is that the person will start feeling hungry after an hour or so. What really happens is that the quantity of cereal you take is not enough, so invariably you start feeling hungry after an hour or so. What happens is over snacking after that which basically destroys the idea of healthy eating. Adding extra cereal or a boiled egg can make a lot of difference to keep those hunger pangs at bay.

Calories intake due to alcohol: There are many people out there who in a way defeat their own purpose of healthy eating when they have alcohol during the weekends, especially the cocktails. It’s ok to have a limited amount of alcohol, but don’t overdo it. Drinking alcohol won’t help you reach your weight loss goal if you drink alcohol much more than you should be.

Eating Salads: If you think that eating salads are healthy then you cannot be more wrong. Some salads are healthy some are not. Adding ingredients such as huge amounts of bacon, cheese and dressings which are full of cream can spell a huge disaster for your weight loss programme. Because you are eating healthy greens, make sure that even the ingredients are healthy.

healthy foods

Avoiding your favourite foods: The number one diet mistake that most people make is that of avoiding their favourite ‘bad food’. Avoiding bad food makes you crave for it more and before you know, you are gorging on your pizza pie or the fried chicken. In order to curb the urge to have that full pizza pie, occasionally just have one slice of the pizza or a small portion of your favourite dish. This will help you a great deal in controlling that urge to have your favourite bad food.

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