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Microsoft is not only trying its best to take back the market which it has lost to Apple but also to make a new consumer base. Recently Microsoft unveiled its new range of products, and boy they are impressive. Apple is known to come up with innovative products; with the launch of these products Microsoft might have just entered into the territory of Apple.

Here we are going to tell you a few details of the products and how awesome they are.

Surface Book

Microsoft is sort of making its own laptop; it is called the Surface Book. Surface Book comes with Windows 10 features. Surface Book has a 13.5-inch display and has an astounding resolution of 3,000x 2,000 pixels. This means that the images and videos will look incredibly sharp and crisp.

There is another feature which makes Surface Book, stand apart. It is a laptop-tablet hybrid. If you want to watch a movie you can remove the display from the keyboard and hold it in your hands.  Surface Book is pretty heavy loaded. It comes with 6th generation Core i-series processors and can also be equipped with up to 16GB of RAM. One can choose from the standard Intel graphics chip or the high-powered Nvidia chip. While using it as a laptop, you can use heavy programs and even play a few high-end games on it.

Surface Pro 4 

Microsoft has also unveiled Surface Pro 4 which is powered by Windows 10. The Surface Pro 4 comes with a larger 12.3-inch display and is also powered by 6th – generation Core M and i-series processors. Surface Pro also comes with a new Type Cover keyboard. The keyboard comes with improved backlit keys, a better sensitive touchpad and also a fingerprint reader.

The Surface Pro 4 can also use Microsoft’s new Surface Pen. The stylus offers 1,024 levels of sensitivity; this means that it can recognize when you are writing with a soft touch and when you are writing with really hard. Also, Microsoft claims that the battery of the pen will last for one year.


Lumia 950 and  950 XL

Apart from unveiling its two new surface products, Microsoft also unveiled its first true Windows 10 smartphones.

The Lumia 950 comes with a 5.2-inch OLED display while the 950 XL gets a larger 5.7-inch OLED screen. As far as the processor is concerned, the Lumia 950 comes with a 6-core processor, while the 950 XL gets a more powerful 8 core processor.  Both the phones come with a 20 mp rear camera and also optical image stabilization. This means that even if your hand is shaking while taking photographs, the photos will come out clear.


Continuum Mode

Lumia 950 and 950 XL are special, but what makes them unique is that they come with a feature which is called the Continuum Mode. The Continuum Mode lets you plug the phone into a special adapter and allows you to connect it to your desktop monitor which allows your phone to be used like a regular PC. It is like you are looking at a bigger version of your phone.

There are some limitations, though; in order to use the Continuum Mode, you need to buy one of the Microsoft’s $100 adapters. Also, if you want to use any app, it should be a universal Windows 10 app.

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