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  • Thyme Bistro is a hangout DEN (Drink. Eat. Network) for all professionals to unwind, relax and recharge themselves – be it the introvert daytime you or the extrovert party popper you become when the moon shines.
  • Located in Mumbai, Thyme Bistro is a progressive café for office goers to throw away their masks of sanity, break all the rules and just be themselves, with lip smacking food and a marvellous bar facility.
  • Just like, we all have a day persona and a night persona, Thyme Bistro too has one – it’s a café during the day time while at nights the pub and the lounge comes to life for all the party enthusiasts. Thyme


  • The café is another big step in boosting the mind and body of the work culture followers and will be opened in other part of the city in the coming future.
  • ‎Thyme houses a private 14-seater board room which has an HD projector and endless musical gadgets which can be used right from holding meetings to crazy parties; every table at Thyme also has its own dedicated plug point and free WIFI.


  • On the décor front Thyme has left no stone unturned to make the place breathtakingly beautiful, gracing the staircase is funky art on the walls adjoining it and that’s just the beginning of the Thyme’s awesomeness. The walls of this all day Bar & Café are painted with vibrant caricatures resulting in a picturesque ambience and at the same time bringing out the simplicity of the place.Thyme


  • Thyme’s menu is carefully crafted and divided into ‘Power packed delicacies’ to pump up the energy levels and ‘Indulgent Treats’ to celebrate and rejoice personal and professional achievements. Thus the menu appeals to both the indulgent and the health enthusiasts.Thyme
  • The place is a gift for real alcohol lovers as the bar is not only loaded with a huge affordable and mouth–watering collection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. As a matter of fact it is an architectural treat in itself with its roof housing all the beautiful liquor bottles.Thyme


  • With the Unplugged Coke Studio music vibe accompanied by retro hits, Thyme Bistro is not just an amazing destination to catch up with your inhibited self and your real friends but it’s also the newest and energetic place around to do so. This place will keep your wallets happy due to its cost effective pricing.

Thyme indeed has a wonderful way of showing what really matters…


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