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Women workout

Make Home Your Gym

Ten Easy at-home workout options for women who can’t visit a gym

This list is for women who can’t or won’t go to the gym for several reasons but wish to workout at home. All you will need to buy is a few pairs of dumbbells, resistance band, pull-ups bar, and jumping rope and kettle bells. If you cannot buy any of these, it’s still alright. You can still train with body weight exercises.

Note: The following have been written in random order.

  1. Skip your way to fitness

    You can jump the rope regularly. There are also variations of the jumping rope like high knees, reverse, cycling and single leg that you may try. This is one of the easiest yet most effective workout

    Women workout

  2. Floor Exercises

    Try exercises like burpees, duck walk, walking lunges holding dumbbells, diagonal lunges, sumo squats, body weight squats or goblet squats using dumbbells, forms of planks, frog jumps, dragon walk and mountain climber

    Women workout

  3. For Beginners

    If you are a beginner, start with knee push-ups. Use a chair in place of what is used in gyms for bench push- ups. Fix a pull-up bar anywhere in your door frame and start with assisted pull-ups using thrust from a chair and coming down in a controlled way, gradually building your strength to full pull-ups. You could also use the bar for hanging leg raises.

    Women workout

  4. Stairway to Heaven

    The stairs are easily accessible exercising instruments that you can use. Climb them, run them, jump or use dumbbells while ascending and descending them. The stairs have numerous uses for people who wish to lose weight and skip a workout session at the gym.

    Women workout

  5. Dumbbells to the Rescue

    Who said dumbbells are only for the gym? By using dumbbells, you can do a lot of exercises like squats, lunges, step-ups (on chair), stiff leg dead-lift, shoulder press, lateral raises, rear lateral raises, bent over rows, bicep curls and several triceps exercises.

    Women workout

  6. Resistance Cords

    Fix hooks on your door so that you can use your resistance band and do exercises for chest, back and legs. Check YouTube for various other exercises using a resistance band.

    Women workout

  7. Befriend Kettlebells

    Learn kettlebells. You may also contact Ballistic Kettlebell Fitness Academy for help regarding these.

    Women workout

  8. Combinations & Reps

    Combine these exercises with each other to make your routine interesting. You can do 15-20 reps for 4 to 5 sets. Do your routine for 45-min along with stretches before and after your workout.

    Women workout

  9. Plyometrics

    Examples of plyometrics would be wide high jumps, narrow high jumps, switch lunges, swinging lunges, straddle jumps and pop/clap push-ups. There are all exercises that can be easily tried at home.

    Women workout

  10. Yoga

    Include yoga in your routine to work on your mobility. There are also several mobility drills and stretches that can be practiced before and after your workout session. An intensive yoga session can actually equate a workout session at the gym.

    Women workout

All the exercises mentioned in this list can be learnt from YouTube videos or you are most welcome to my gym and I can help you out. Working out and developing physical power and strength is extremely important to get rid of diseases and staying youthful and fit. Discover what suits you best by trial and error and practice it religiously. In the lifestyle people follow these days, it is very easy to develop lethargy in one’s body. Do not skip your exercise even for a day and you will never suffer from any physical ailment in your life. All the best!

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