Weight training myths about women


5 myths about women weight training

Figure Athlete Deepika Chowdhury busts 5 myths about women weight training.

There are many myths related to women weight training. But rest assured – lifting weights will not make a woman look like a man. This is because a female’s hormonal make up which will not allow it to happen. In this article we will address some more imaginary and false notions that women have regarding weight training. I have chosen five most frequently asked questions to me. So let’s get started busting them.

If I stop weight training, my muscle will turn into fat

This is not possible because muscle and fat are two different tissues. The fact is that when you start weight training with right food habits, you start getting leaner and tighter body. Once you stop this healthy lifestyle and go back to your old unhealthy habits, your metabolism is slowed down as before. This happens because of your inactivity and bad food habits resulting in muscle loss leading to inefficient calorie expenditure and so the apparent fat increase. You get rid of your excess body fat with some hard work but when you leave the good habits, the fat will come back. Not from muscle converting into fat but your own inactivity and unhealthy diet increasing its percentage in your body.

Cardio is enough, I don’t need weight training

If you desire a well balanced physique weight training is a must! Athletes who are runners also do weight training to enhance their performance. Using treadmills and elliptical will not help you increase your strength or increase overall muscle mass. And you already know that a toned body is having optimum muscle mass. In fact excessive cardio will lead to muscle loss causing a small, loose and skinny fat looking body. You definitely do not want that to happen. So include a good balance of weight training and cardio in your training plan.

5 myths about women weight training

Women cannot do the same exercises as men do

This assumption is irrational and is completely baseless. Every exercise that a man does can be done by a woman or rather should be done by a woman. Doing the same kind of exercises and lifting heavy weights is not going to make a woman look masculine. Thanks to the differences in our genetics, hormonal differences and diet. In fact a woman would get stronger and earn the much desired hard, dense, tight and athletic body. The program can differ according to clinical issues or goals. This is applicable to both men and women. But there is not a single reason to why a woman should not train like a man. Believe in science and not the myths circulated by people unaware of facts.

Older women should not weight train because there are chances of injuries

Absolutely wrong! Hundreds of studies suggest the benefits of weight training in menopausal women. This is the right time to weight train if you have never done it before. This is because of the benefits it will provide by preserving bone density, retaining, improving and balancing muscle mass and its strength, enabling a stronger life even in old age.

I need not get any leaner so I don’t need weight training

Not every woman who comes to the gym wants to get lean. Some women have goals to get strong so that they can deal with everyday activities with ease. Some have goals to improve their stamina. Some women have sedentary jobs and so they come to the gym to keep their spine healthy and strong while maintaining an optimum body composition. All this can be achieved only with a good balance of weight training and cardio in your training plan. A ripped athletic body is just an aspect of weight lifting benefits, there is much more to it. Know yourself by doing it.

So, these were the most common women weight training myths I come across. If you have any other doubts you can write here or contact me.

Be fearless ladies…lift your spirit and move some weights!!

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