Foods that prevent erectile dysfunction

2One of the worst fears of men is erectile dysfunction. It is not just traumatizing, but it also questions your manhood. Erectile Dysfunction happens when there is less supply of blood to the penis. The best way to overcome this dysfunction is by eating foods that help in producing blood.

We bring you a list of foods that will help to prevent erectile dysfunction.

Vitamin E:  Food such as peanuts, almonds, mango and wheat are foods that are high in Vitamin E, hence, it is advisable to consume these. Vitamin E helps in maintaining healthy functioning of arteries and veins, which help in the blood flow.

Leafy vegetables and beetroot: Greens such as spinach and celery help in increasing circulation of blood because they are rich in nitrates. Even beetroot juice is good for increasing the blood flow because of nitrates. Nitrates help blood vessels to open up which results in an increased flow of blood.

Oysters and Shellfish:  Oysters contains high amounts of zinc, which is used in the production of male hormone, testosterone. One of the major reasons for an erectile dysfunction is low levels testosterone. Recent studies have also found out that oysters and shellfish contain a compound that help the stimulation of sexual hormones in both men and women.


Tomatoes: Tomatoes contain high amounts of lycopene, which again helps in good blood circulation and is used to solve several other sexual issues. Studies have also suggested that the optimum use of lycopene is when it is consumed with oily vegetables such as spinach and avocados. The best way to consume lycopene is having salads, which has tomatoes and other vegetables in it.

Watermelons: Citrulline is found in abundance in watermelons. It is a nutrient which helps to relax the blood vessels in the penis. Watermelon juice is a good way to consume citrulline. It works exactly like a Viagra. So go ahead and drink that glass of watermelon juice which you have been avoiding all morning.

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